Amazon Product Video Requirements


We have great news for FBA sellers who want to add videos to their listings. Adding videos is a great advantage. From our experience, listing with videos convert more sales than ones with only pictures.


Adding Amazon Product Videos

After successful testing of this feature in 2017, the company improved their video tool greatly. Its usability incredibly grew after testers’ feedback. Well, we all know that Amazon strives to provide exceptional customer experience, so having videos in listings is logical.

This feature enabled the ability to upload videos in Seller Central using the EBC menu (Enhanced Brand Content).

Even Vendors can add videos to their listings using A+ services.



How to Prepare Product Videos for Amazon

It is always a good idea to add videos to your listings, as they grab shoppers’ attention, help potential customers understand how to use your product and see its quality, all this is quite beneficial for sellers.

So, it is recommended to you as a seller to start preparing your own Amazon product videos.


First of all, you should keep in mind Amazon guidelines for product videos. Edit your videos, if it is necessary. No matter whether you already have a video or just going to shoot it, here are Amazon product video requirements:

  1. The rights to the video must belong to you and not anyone else.
  2. The quality of product video has to be high:
    - 16:9 aspect ratio (like for YouTube).
    - Resolution can be either 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
    - Colour profile should be RGB with a DPI from 72 to 300.
    - You can include only one company logo.
    - Only the following formats are accepted: AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, 3GP, FLV, AAC. If you have a video in a different format, convert it before uploading to product pages on Amazon.
  3. Create a thumbnail for your video in JPEG or PNG.
  4. Keep in mind that your video mustn’t contain references to:
    - Your company as a distributor or authorized seller.
    - Competitors’ products and companies.
    - Contacts.
    - Prices for your products.
    - Promotional information and phrases like ‘top selling’ or ‘on sale’.
    - Time-sensitive information (‘on sale now’).
    - Timeline information.
    - Shipping costs.
    - Products for criminal activities.
    - Customer reviews.
    - Any quotes.
    - Other brands’ logos.
    - Guarantees/warranties.
    - Websites outside of Amazon.
    - Offensive content.

Sure, Amazon is constantly improving and changes their guidelines, so take a couple of minutes and check the latest version on EBC pages.

Better make sure you’re compliant to the rules BEFORE shooting videos, as editing work can take you lots of time.


How to Add Product Videos to Listings

This step is a piece of cake because shooting and editing videos is usually the hardest part.

Go to your Seller Central account, find the EBC tool and upload your video to Amazon product page!

  1. Enter the SKU code for the product your video is for.
  2. Proceed with clicking on the ‘Get started’ button.
  3. Upload your video and its thumbnail, add a title and description to it.
  4. In case your video contains content for the 18+ audience, select the ‘adult audience’ box.



In some cases, you have to wait up to 6 hours for your video to be processed. After publishing, the video will show up in the block with product images - on the top left side of the ‘details’ page and in the widget with videos near the ‘product information’ section.


You may also wonder how to remove a video. Go to your EBC dashboard, select ‘delete video’ and save changes. Sometimes, removing a video from the details page takes up to 6 hours.


That’s it! You now can get started with uploading your own video to Amazon! It is always a great idea, and you can see how your audience will respond to new bright content.