Advertising on Amazon


You may already have a registered seller account, products and even a brand. But how to scale your business across Amazon? How to attract more clients to your online shop on Amazon? How to help people find your products except for the listings in search results.

There is just one answer to all these questions and it is “Advertising”. Let’s shed the lights on how to advertise on Amazon and get the most from all the possibilities offered by the largest online marketplace.


How and Why to Advertise on Amazon?

Okay, advertising needs investments of time and money, it may also need specific expertise and experimenting that can be not cheap. Still, it helps sellers look for potential customers, attract them and engage the audience growing the pool of loyal shoppers. Is it really worth the game?


Here are 3 reasons for that:

  1. Results. This is what any business strives for. Amazon provides sellers with internal advertising tools to make the interaction between a seller and a customer both more natural and more effective. Their measurement insights allow optimize and improve sellers’ marketing strategies.
  2. Relevance. Amazon really cares about customer experience so they stick to this rule while placing and showing your ads as well. Your audience will see a relevant information right in time.
  3. Relationships. Amazon understands that shoppers are its heart. Long-term business relationships with sellers are what keeps shoppers coming to a particular online store. Having loyal customers is the secret of success for any business.

You now see that advertising can positively affect your revenue. The next question is “How to advertise on Amazon?”
First of all, you need to select a tool for advertising. Amazon offers several opportunities for making your product well-known. Let’s explore each of them.


1. Sponsored Ads on Amazon

This type of cost-per-click ads (Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products) allow shoppers to find products and brand during their research process and is similar to Google search ads. People will see your ad found by a keyword among other search results. This kind of ads is great due to its relevance to what people look for. The link directs the flow of potential customers to your store. Here is a short list of steps you should take to start advertising your products on Amazon:

  1. Define which products you want to promote.
  2. Set the desired budget.
  3. Think of products and product categories you are going to target.
  4. Select keywords for your future ad.
  5. Select a solution suitable to your business (sellers, vendors, etc).

What are the benefits of Sponsored ads?

  1. The CPC format allows you to pay only for the result. You won’t be charged a cent until someone clicks the link and enters your shop or listing. You can control the budgets.
  2. No guesswork here. Amazon helps sellers in selecting keywords to bid on. Alternatively, sellers can target similar products.
  3. Amazon has a set of tools for monitoring and analyzing campaigns, so even if you don’t have any expertise in running sponsored ads yet, you will.

You see, the answer to the question “How to advertise on Amazon?” is pretty simple. Sponsored Products and Brands can increase your brand visibility and skyrocket your sales. More shoppers know about your product > more people get interested in it > more of them become customers and ever loyal clients.
Setting your first ad won’t be a difficult task as Amazon provides newbies with detailed FAQs on the official website.

How do Sponsored ads look like?

Here is a couple of examples of what people will see while searching for something that is relevant to your ads:

ad on amazon image5

ad on amazon image4


Stores Advertising Product

Let’s further explore how to advertise on Amazon. This feature allows sellers to build branded multi-page sites on the Amazon platform.
You get your own branded URL, still, the shop is working on Amazon. Here you can create a portfolio for your customers to get acquainted with your brand.

Benefits of Stores

  1. Multi-page sites. This expands shoppers’ experience and makes them curious about what is there on other pages. You can use this structure to tell them your story, to show your full portfolio and even more (related products, recommendations, etc.).
  2. Simplicity. You don’t need to code a line! Amazon makes it easy and what you need are just texts, pictures and videos.
  3. Increased traffic. Nice and easy URL helps people better remember your brand. Additionally, you are free to share this URL wherever you want.

How Stores Look Like:

ad on amazon image2
ad on amazon image3

How to Start:

  1. To create own store, you have to be registered as an Amazon seller or vendor, or vendor agent.
  2. Your brand has to pass the Amazon Brand Registry.
  3. The next steps differ depending on your business type. Sellers should go to Seller Central and look for the ‘Manage Stores’ button below ‘Storefronts’. Vendors should enter the ads console and find ‘Stores’ in the main menu.


Display Ads on Amazon

This is a more creative way of advertising on Amazon and it can bring fantastic results. Use customizable creatives, look for relevant audiences and let right customers receive your message whenever you need it.

Display ads work only for specific ASINs what keeps them showing up at the right time to the right audience, as this is based on relevant product categories and customers’ interests. As the first advertising method, Display ads use the CPC model, the only difference is that this one is auction-based. It means that the more competitive your product is, the more views will get your ad.

Benefits of Display Ads:

  1. Creative flexibility. It is all about storytelling. You are free to implement your best ideas and receive tons of views.
  2. Reach. Amazon displays these ads throughout all their services not only on marketplaces. Desktop, mobile and even Kindle devices are on the list.
  3. Audience. Amazon uses accurate targeting methods so only interested customers will see your creative ad.

This is another way of how to advertise on Amazon and is effective for making a product or brand visible when a customer makes his final decision.

Eligible products for Display ads

Amazon allows showing display ads for vendors in categories:

  • Softlines;
  • Hardlines;
  • Supplier Express;
  • Books;
  • Media;
  • Consumables;
  • KDP authors.


DSP Advertising on Amazon

This solution is programmatic and it allows sellers to reach audiences both on Amazon and in third-party services. It was known as AAP or Amazon advertising platform earlier. So if you choose to work with DSP, you will receive access to Amazon’s partners.
Amazon offers managing campaigns, at the same time, you can do that manually in case you want to control everything yourself.

Benefits of Amazon DSP

  1. Access to exclusive audiences. You work with both Amazon and off-Amazon resources. Your coverage grows by several times!
  2. High-quality and unique inventory. Amazon reaches third-party services programmatically, so you don't need to be an experienced advertiser to outreach well-known publishers.
  3. Safety for brands. As usually, Amazon strives for protecting honest brands so you can let them handle your campaigns and solve another business problems.

Interested in DSP ads? Contact Amazon advertising consultants and they will prepare an individual offer for you.


What Else Can Amazon Offer?

Except for everything mentioned above, Amazon has tools for measuring the effectiveness of your ads, but we would better dedicate a separate article to that. They also offer video ads but they are not so much relevant to Amazon merchants.

All in all, we have discussed the best options for sellers. Now you know how to advertise on Amazon and can start your first campaign right now. We wish you a great profit!