How to Create Best Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ content is a form of enhanced brand content for first-party sellers and vendors. This content includes detailed descriptions, comparison cards, large images, videos, and other attractive and useful content.

In fact, Amazon A+ pages are here to turbocharge your Amazon business, as it allows add unusual attractive modules normal pages don’t usually have. Users become engaged with the content, and the content itself helps sellers deeper reflect brands.


Amazon A+ Content: What Is It?

Let’s learn what does A+ content consists of. First, we need to mention that Amazon members can use it in the Vendor Central program. This gives them a chance to add to listings charts, videos, testimonials, formatted texts, and many other modules.
Basic A+ option allows sellers to add 5 modules. Premium A+ allows working with 7 modules and other extra features.


There are ‘Self service’ modules (Basic / Silver / Gold / Platinum) that can be used for a flat fee. This is a recommended option for experienced sellers. For newbies, there is an ‘Amazon builds for you’ option with the same four plans, but the price for each of them will be higher, as Amazon will create the design for you.

If you choose the first option, you’ll have to:

  • Create your project.
  • Build its layout.
  • Add and arrange multimedia content.
  • Review it and add everything to cart.


Create Amazon A+ Content

Here is a short ‘To do list’ for you to know how A+ content can be created.

  1. Login to Vendor Central.
  2. Go to ‘Merchandising’ and to ‘A+ detail pages’.
  3. Select one option: either ‘Self service’ or ‘Amazon builds for you’, we described the main difference above. Your choice depends on your free time and abilities to create designs of layouts. In the second module, you’ll have just to upload text and images.
  4. Type in your project name which will be visible to you, so make sure you’ll be able to distinguish this project from others.
  5. Design the layout and add your content.
  6. Preview the result and ensure that everything is made as you need.
  7. Publish your Amazon A+ page.


Amazon A+ Pages Guidelines

In general, there is nothing innovative that can be said about Amazon A+ content, still, there is a list of things you should keep in mind to go into A+ content with open eyes.

  • A+ pages are not visible on mobile devices, people can access them only from the desktop, but this may change in future, as businesses have been taking advantage of targeting mobile users lately.
  • Amazon A+ content is not indexed by the search algorithm, so this type of content won’t help you boost your organic ranking.
  • If something you want to sell with Amazon A+ content is already sold by other vendors, you’ll have to pay extra money.
  • You have a month to submit A+ content after you have chosen this option and paid for it.
  • Keep in mind the limits, usually, it is 5 pages. After your page goes live, you can make any changes to it in 2 first days, after this period passes, you are not allowed to make changes.
  • You are strictly forbidden to mention your competitors on your product pages.
  • All your A+ content on Amazon has to be unique.
  • Amazon has the right to cancel your pages anytime, if you violate their TOS, close your account, or for any other reason from the agreement.


For example, here is how a comparison table looks like.


Amazon A+ Pages Best Practices

  • Try to not use special symbols and characters like™ or ®.
  • Keep an eye on the required image and video resolutions for any specific module.
  • Avoid making typos and grammar mistakes. This can be the reason why applications are rejected by Amazon. If you’ve noticed that your application is approved but in there is a typo on your Amazon A+ page, you have 2 business days to fix it.
  • Use a banner to improve the user experience.
  • If you want to highlight the difference of 2 features of a couple of similar products, use comparison charts.
  • People like visual content, so try to get away from loads of text and use more images to attract attention.


The Bottom Line

In general, Amazon A+ pages tell people more about product details and help them make informed purchases. Amazon A+ content also helps sellers attract buyers’ attention to their products. According to the marketplace itself, this type of content increases sales by more than 3%, sometimes sellers get a sales boost of 10% or more!

Start with free Basic modules and try how Amazon A+ content works in the personal experience!