How to Check Sales on Amazon with Alexa’s help


In one of our previous articles, we told you that using innovations is beneficial both for customers and sellers. It is now time to get to the practical experience of using them in everyday work. Let’s start with Amazon Alexa, as this gadget is very popular across US sellers and customers.


Starting from the beginning of 2018, Amazon introduced a new Alexa’s skill helping sellers manage their business. People who already own Alexa (Amazon Echo) are aware of how it is comfortable to talk to this device and ask questions which need to be answered asap. People commonly ask it what is the weather like today, what time it is, how to make a fruit smoothie, and so on. Still, you can solve your business problems using this voice assistance. Thanks to its new skill, you can learn about the updates in Seller Central or changes in your account, so you are always informed.


Connecting Seller Central to Alexa

Doing that is easy for sellers who have Amazon Echo and a Professional subscription in Seller Central. Go to this page and push the ‘Enable’ button which is situated on the right of your screen.



Next, find and click on the ‘Link Account’ button, which will link your Seller Central account to Alexa. Note, that pop-ups should be turned on for Amazon.


This will take you to the sign in page on Amazon. Enter your login and password.

Before you log in, ensure that your account is added to the Echo device as a user. Here is a manual on Amazon if you don’t know how that’s done.

Once you’ve logged into your Amazon Seller Central account, this screen will show up:


How to Manage Your Account via Alexa

After you have enabled Alexa’s skill of managing your Seller Central account, you can start using it! Say: ‘Alexa, launch Seller Central’ and ask questions. Here is a couple of ideas:


Sales Data

Update your sales information by asking: ‘Alexa, how are my sales on Amazon?’. You can also specify the time frame and get specific answers.


Messages from Customers

If you want to make sure that every message is not left without a response, ask Alexa: ‘Do I have messages on Amazon?’ and find out whether someone is waiting for answers to their questions.


New Feedback and Reviews

Ask Alexa whether there are new seller feedback or product reviews. ‘How is my feedback on Amazon?’ will be ok. You can also ask Alexa to read your feedback on Amazon.


Advertising Campaigns

Those sellers who run paid ads, can check the performance with Alexa’s help with asking it: ‘How are my campaigns on Amazon?’



Learn about the situation on your Amazon balance by asking Alexa: ‘When will I get paid?’ or ‘What is my Amazon balance now?’.


Managing Inventory

Ask: ‘How is my Amazon inventory?’ to find out whether you should order new products right now or whether everything is in stock now.


Try to use technical assistants as your own responsible and smart employees. Reduce time costs on checking everything yourself, work smarter and spend more time thinking about more essential problems!