Amazon Lightning Deals. Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Q4 is already here and the days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon. There is no reason to ask whether Amazon has Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but it is the right time to think of lightning deals for those days. The correct strategy can bring a sellers millions of profit. Lightning deals on Amazon mean the most of seasonal advantage for sellers.


What are Lightning Deals?

These are kind of promo offers featured on the Deal page. Sellers can submit their products for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, every year Amazon has a certain schedule. For this year it was like:

  • The deadline is on 21st September.
  • Black Friday takes place 23rd November
  • Cyber Monday is on 26th November
  • Cyber Week is on 19-26th November

Keep in mind that Lightning Deals work for professional sellers (not vendors) all year round, and the deadlines are fair just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon. You can submit a product for a Lightning Deal on the Prime Day page or the Today's Deals page.

It is a great idea to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as people are in search for Christmas presents and they will be surely glad to get products with discounts. If your products are featured in Lightning deals, it means that Amazon will show them on its homepage. So, it will not only boost your current sales but improve your overall ranking as well. As a result, you will maximize your holidays' profit!


How Do Deals Work on Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

When you submit your listing to Lightning Deals, it doesn’t mean that it will be displayed on the homepage. Amazon analyzes all the submitted deals, ranks them, selects the best one and displays them. They choose deals that will bring them more sales. Amazon takes into consideration such parameters as price, inventory, quantity, position and so on to determine whether a product is a great match for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


How to Set Up Lightning Deals

Amazon has certain requirements for participating in Lightning Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • A seller must have a professional account.
  • They must get 5 or more pieces of seller feedback monthly.
  • Their rating must be of 3.5 stars or higher.

Moreover, the product has to be eligible for participating in the Lightning Deals program. To check whether yours are eligible, go to the Lightning Deals dashboard and check ‘Recommendations’. If this window doesn’t show you any of your products, then they are not eligible.

amazon black friday image

And we now came to the point of submitting a Lightning Deal. Select the price for your products and the quantity you want to sell during the promotion time. Here are the further requirements:

  • The discount must be of 20% or more from the lowest price of your product for the last 30 days. It should also be the lowest price of the year.
  • Make sure your inventory can cover the Lightning Deal promo (6 hours) during Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon.
  • Product rating has to be 3 stars or higher.
  • The listing should consist of high-quality contents, especially images.

After you have done the preparation to Amazon Cyber Monday and Black Friday and checked everything, submit your products to the Amazon review. Remember that Amazon charges a fee for participating in Lightning Deals. The fee depends on the details (time and date of your promo activities). Amazon schedules every promo in at least one week before the action starts. You will see the details in the ‘Upcoming and active’ tab.
If you see a range of days, but not a specific day, it means that your products were not selected for Black Friday or Cyber Monday Lightning Deals, so they will be shown at any time during this week.
After this, you can see the size of the fee that Amazon will charge from you for participating in promo actions. Please, monitor your inventory after being selected for Lightning Deals as people may purchase your items very quickly.


How to Participate in Lightning Deals as a Vendor

If you are a vendor, there are several options:

  1. Accept the recommendation for Lightning Deal: go to Vendor Central, visit ‘Merchandising’ and ‘Marketing and recommendations’. Edit recommendations and send them to Amazon, they will review the products.
  2. Go to Vendor central, find ‘Merchandising’ and ‘Promotions’, then select a deal for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Here are recommendations for participating:
  • Check that your discount is 20% or more.
  • The price should be 20% and 5% less than the lowest one from 28 days and the whole year.
  • One Lightning Deal can be set for one product.
  • The rating for your product must be of 3 stars and higher.
  • The start date of the deal must be at least a month ahead of the date of your submission.

The fee depends on the country, date and time, for instance, in Germany Amazon charges a 70 EUR fee per one deal.

Also, keep in mind the following points:

  • The deadline. It was 21st September in 2018.
  • The latest approval date that was 5th October in 2018.
  • Deals scheduled for Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Amazon are visible in Vendor Central from 22 October.
  • The start dates for Lightning Dates are approximately 19-26 November.