Everything you Need to Know about Amazon Brand Registry in 2019


It’s hard to believe that some people haven’t ever heard about exclusive selling tools which are available only to participants of the Amazon Brand Registry program. 
Registering a brand can be time-consuming and you will pay for that, potential winning the harsh competition on Amazon is worth it!

With this article, we want to guide you into the details of the Brand Registry concept and process, for you to learn:

  • What’s Brand Registry on Amazon.
  • How to do trademarking.
  • Features and advantages of Brand Registry.
  • How to work with Analytics available for registered brands.

Let’s go!



So, What’s Brand Registry on Amazon?

According to Amazon, this program helps protect sellers’ trademarks, use predictive automation, use advanced image search and text editing.

Here is a couple of questions you have to answer before starting registering a brand:

  1. Are you an owner of your brand?
    If you are selling your product under a registered trademark, you are its owner. Having a private label is great, but owning a trademark is another level of business. Even to own the name of a brand, you need a registered trademark.
  2. Do you need to register a trademark before participating in Brand Registry?
    You do. Since May 2017, you are required to have a registered trademark to experience the benefits of Brand Registry. If you’re from the US, you’ll have to register it in USPTO (the US Patent and Trademark Office).
  3. How to get a trademark?
    To do that, you need to do several things:
    - After you come up with a name and a logo for your future brand, make sure it’s unique and is not already taken by someone else. This can be done on the USPTO site - look for the name in their database.
    - File a class for your future trademark. This is as simple as selecting product categories on Amazon. This helps people understand what do you sell. Also, the cost of registering a trademark strictly depends on the class.
    Everything from this point can be done by yourself or with the help of a special service or attorney.
  4. How long does it take to register a trademark?
    Sometimes, USPTO answers in a year and even longer - the process might take very much time. So, be ready to register your trademark in advance, or wait until they provide you with an answer to participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  5. How long does Amazon usually registers brands?
    Amazon commonly acts much faster than various bureaus. In two weeks, you’ll have your brand registered. Ensure that you meet all the requirements. Keep in mind, that you need a registered trademark in every country according to all marketplaces where you want to sell your registered product.

In case you enrolled in the Brand Registry program before May 2017, you will have to re-enroll to access all the program benefits. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have limited access.

Still, not participating in Brand Registry doesn’t mean you can’t sell on Amazon. You CAN! The majority of sellers never registers their trademarks at once, preferring testing their products on the real market.
Once you are sure that registering a trademark is what you need, you can master your Amazon skills while the process of registration goes on. 

When you have a trademark, consider that 99% of the work is already done and you are a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry.



Advantages of Amazon Brand Registry 

The main benefits are accessible through your Seller Central dashboard. From the main bar, go to ‘Performance’ and click on ‘Brand Dashboard’. You’ll see how your brand is performing, will find crucial metrics, and other useful information.
The ‘Brand Benefits’ section will show you everything shown on the image above. 

Brand Protection

Keeping product  safe is a a headache of almost every Amazon seller. There are many hijackers who are waiting for an idea to copy. Brand Registry protects content and intellectual property on Amazon. They have a separate team dealing with such. You can:

  • Report violations, review manipulations, errors in product descriptions, etc.
  • Ask for help with your listings.
  • Report technical problems on Amazon.
  • Escalate previous claims.

Enhanced Content

We consider EBC or Enhanced Brand Content one of the best features of Brand Registry. You can find it in ‘A+ Content’. It can be found either under ‘Advertising navigation’ or ‘Brand Benefits’.


But why is this so important? It allows you to add more images and descriptions to listings. So you’ll be able to use not only plain editor. Hence, your product page will look more professional and stylish, which is good for sales.
Amazon offers a simple setup for enhanced content, so you can easily upload your media, choose from various layouts, and make listings unique.
Experts state that EBC increases traffic to a product page, which increases conversions. What’s more, good-looking pages help sellers make customers loyal. This is a guarantee for future repeat purchases.
So, why not focus on the quality but not the quantity?
Once you submit your enhanced brand content to Amazon, it becomes visible on your dashboard, so you can request revision anytime.

Product Videos

Adding value to Amazon listings is the first goal of videos. Photos can be good too, but if you show your potential customers how your product works or how it’s used, they will be more likely to buy from you. According to expert sellers, videos is the point which holds people from walking away from a page and makes them hit ‘Add to Cart’.
Videos give sellers an opportunity to show all the sides of your products, demonstrate them in action. Make customers’ experience interactive!
‘Video’ feature can be found under ‘Inventory’. Head to ‘Upload & Manage videos’ and get your video to the product page! Of course, Amazon needs to approve it first, and then it’ll be posted to your listing.

Customer Engagement

Another great benefit of Brand Registry is setting you as a seller apart from all others. With Amazon Storefronts, you can build your own cozy online store, which will dramatically differ from thousands of standard product pages across Amazon.
The process of creating a storefront is very straightforward. You can do that without any previous experience.


Amazon strives to make the sellers’ work easier, so choose a template you like and start creating your awesome online store from scratch!
Just upload the necessary media and add information to see how your store will look like.
Also, try how it displays both on mobile and desktop to make sure everything is aligned well and your users will see a perfect picture. 
As for blocks, you can move them around, edit, delete and add new ones. Everything is customizable! Once you are ready to publish your storefront, Amazon has to approve it and then it goes live. Be attentive to images, videos, texts (spelling and punctuation) to ensure that Amazon will approve the store asap.

Sponsored Brands

This is one more method of making customers engaged, as they will find your ads at the top of search results on Amazon.
Use advertising to increase your brand’s visibility on the world’s largest marketplace. Shoppers commonly pay more attention to brands at the top.


Hundreds and even thousands of people are looking for products you sell, so let them know that they can purchase it from YOU! Draw more attention to your brand!
After clicking on your ad, it takes customers directly to the product page in your Amazon storefront.
Keep in mind that you have to pay only for clicks, not for views. So, you can set a bid per click and the budget.

Live Creator

Live streaming is another feature available for Brand Registry participants. Interact with your customers in real-time! Share the story of your brand with potential customers, reach more shoppers with fascinating online streaming. 
Demonstrate your products, chat with your clients and answer the questions of those who haven’t yet purchased the product from you. The list of advantages can be just endless!


To start working with this feature, get the Live Creator app for iOS, select ASINs you would like to speak about, go live and show everyone what you offer!
For live streaming, you can use either your iPhone cam, or any other camera with an encoder.
Finding live videos of other sellers is simple: head to amazon.com/live and see what others do. Learn from the best practices and attract more customers to your Amazon shop!


Know How Your Customers Think

To understand how to act on the market, you need to learn how your customers think. How they do shopping, what they like, on which buttons they click. This is when Brand Registry comes in use with it unique analytics.
Once you know what your potential clients are anticipating, you’ll be able to offer them a perfect solution! So, here’s how to find that out!

Brand Analytics

This new feature is placed on the dashboard. Locate it under the ‘Reports’ section - in the navigation bar.
Analytics brings insights about customer behavior to help you increase conversions.

Search Terms on Amazon

If you want to start a PPC campaign, find out which products get the most clicks, views and conversions on the search terms of your choice. Adjust your list of keywords accordingly to get the most of your paid ads.

Basket Analysis

This great tool shows sellers which items are better sold together. Boost your cross-selling with insights from this tool.


Purchase Behavior & Item Comparison

Look at which products are compared with yours very often. Find out the customers’ choice and analyze what you can do to win the comparison battle.


These charts will tell you about your target audience - their age, education level, gender, income and marital status.
All these reports can be downloaded as CSVs, and you can do a lot with this data!


The Bottom Line

So, in the end, let’s sum up what we’ve learned today. Amazon Brand Registry is pretended to skyrocket your sales on Amazon. Still, it is another challenge, as registering a trademark with officials takes plenty of time. 

In general, Brand Registry will:

  • Provide you with the tools for efficient sales and content creation.
  • Offer the help of experienced Amazon team in solving your issues.
  • Give you a powerful analytical tool.
  • Increase the visibility of your products across Amazon.
  • Engage customers with storefronts and interactive media.

Still, this program won’t protect you from other entrepreneurs selling similar products, won’t help you in blacklisting or whitelisting those sellers.

Hopefully, this article will come in use for you and you’ll finally decide whether to join Amazon Brand Registry!