How to Deal with Negative Feedback on Amazon


Amazon customers can complain about products or services in several ways. They can write complaints by email, send public feedback, submit A-to-z claims, and so on.


Negative feedback is a form of expressing customers’ frustration with a business. There may be problems which need to be solved or just reviews you can use for further improvements. What’s more, if you treat your unhappy customers correctly and fix the mistakes, they can finally become your loyal customers.

Nevertheless, you should know all the types of complaints on Amazon to see what can be done for Amazon feedback removal or further work with the client who has left negative feedback.


Direct Complaints on Amazon

Every business faces situations when something is messed up with orders or their shipments. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where everybody is happy all the time. However, there are some people who are just impossible to satisfy, even exceptional service is not enough for them. Such customers usually file complaints with Amazon.


Direct complaints on Amazon always get to sellers. Business owners receive an Amazon complaint email where unhappy customers write about what made them frustrated. This is a nice type of complaints as they are private. Only buyers and sellers can view them, this is not something public everyone can see.

What’s more, complaint emails from Amazon shoppers give you a chance to understand the customer’s problem and take further actions to fix it.


Customers can easily file such a complaint with Amazon, as there is a button ‘Get help with order’. If you as a seller use FBA, Amazon may fix the problem on your behalf.



If customers have more questions, they can go to your seller profile, find the ‘Ask a question’ button and fill the form on Amazon and write their order complaint.

So, Amazon complaint email is private and this is beneficial to sellers. No other customers will see complaints, and the problem can be quickly solved by a seller.


A-to-z Claims on Amazon

In case you overlook an email with direct customer’s complaint, you might be headed to Amazon A-to-z claim. Here is a short Amazon A-to-z guarantee review.

All customers are protected with A-to-z guarantee. It ensures the product’s condition, shipping time, and other things. A shopper can file an A-to-z claim Amazon after the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • A customer tried to contact the seller once or more (they mean that a customer has already sent an email to the seller, as told in our previous point dedicated to direct complaints).
  • The seller has not responded to the complaint in 2 days.
  • The order meets A-to-z requirements (at least one of them).


The majority of customers knows how to file an A-to-z claim on Amazon, so don’t let them to this, respond to shoppers’ questions on time. In case of getting an A-to-z claim, Amazon will look at your business more attentively. So, be careful, as if they assume you don’t provide good customer experience, you might have problems.


Public Feedback on Amazon

Product reviews and seller feedback can be seen by everyone on Amazon. Here is our previous article about the importance of working with seller feedback and its classification. Getting too much negative feedback can influence your ratings and the ability to win the Buy Box.


Negative public feedback has to be processed as quickly as possible, as it may influence your entire business on Amazon. This is even worse than complaint emails or Amazon order complaints in A-to-z claims.

So, here are some actions to take in case you have received negative feedback on Amazon:

  • Act asap. If you fix the problem quickly, a customer may remove their feedback.
  • See Amazon guidelines and find out whether this feedback is compliant. If not, you can ask Amazon to remove it.
  • Resolve customer’s concern if the feedback is compliant to the rules. Message the shopper and ask what was wrong and how can you fix that.
  • If the situation has been successfully resolved, request feedback removal.


Though sellers can’t fully get rid of negative feedback, they can minimize the negative impact on business’ reputation. Sometimes, unhappy customers can become satisfied and even loyal customers, as they are thankful for your attention and care.


Act According to the Situation

No matter whether you have received an Amazon complaint email, an A-to-z guarantee claim or negative public feedback, this all is a sign that there is a problem. Customer complaints can help you improve your business, they can be constructive. You get the ideas for improvements. You see what you need to work on.

However, public 1-star feedback can negatively affect your reputation on Amazon. We can recommend you be attentive to what people write in their reviews. Work with customer complaints, grow your business and improve customer experience with your brand. Only in this case, you won’t be afraid of Amazon order complaints from your customers.