Conversion Increasing Tips for Amazon Copywriting


Your listing should be the most amazing to attract any possible conversions. This is why copywriting is of so high importance on Amazon.

The good news is that many sellers, including your competitors, neglect this point. This gives you an advantage. I can bet that using our tips would bring you more profit on Amazon. Let's see how the conversions can be increased and how you can get more clients with texts!


Amazon Copywriting: what is it?

As Wikipedia says, copywriting is used in print materials and online media for marketing purposes. These materials are aimed for raising brand awareness.

Its main purpose is persuading someone to do what you need them to do.

In our case, it is persuading people to purchase your products.

For doing this, you need to know your target audience. After you understand that clearly, your work will be done by half.

Logically, the next question we get is...


Do you really know your audience?

If you understand people, you will be able to persuade them. What makes them taking actions? What do they think about and want? Do they need something? What makes them worrying or thrilled?

Experienced companies spend tons of money on market research, focus groups, and other feedback methods to understand their clients better. Why?

They know how important is understanding. They change materials in order to fit the audience and that gives them an advantage, as they tell people what they want to hear (or read).

For performing perfect copywriting you should always keep in mind that knowing and understanding the audience is the most important moment!

But what if you are not a millionaire to conduct all those researches and focus groups?

Here are the possible options!

1. An empathy map

This map will help you to understand people who you're talking to.

Here is a quick way to create such map:

empathy map

​This 'matrix' will give you a picture of who are your potential customers:

  • what types of person they are;
  • what they usually do;
  • in what way they think;
  • which feelings they have;
  • what pain points they have, and so on.

​Have you answered these questions? Nice! Now you have some sort of customer's avatar. You can see how your perfect customer looks like and you are able to address HIM in your texts. I think it's clear that speaking to one person is easier than appealing to a vague community of people. Am I right?

2. Competitors analyzing​

​Thanks Amazon that they already provide us with tons of useful information about customers. They tell you whom you are selling to!

Just look at your competitors in the niche and find out what type of texts suits people the best.​

​What items have higher conversions?

How is their copy written?

Which ranking is higher?

How are their headings and titles formed?​

​Look at the example below:​

customer review

The review on the top is rated as 1868 from 1884, it indicates its helpfulness. So, nearly 1700 people shared their thoughts about it, and what is the most likely, they bought the product.

Well, you see the proof now, and it's far better than guessing.

If you examine three most effective reviews, you'll notice that two of them tell people about the high value they get for the price.

People look for products of nice quality that won't cost too much. They don't look for top products and popular brands (however, such brand hunters exist as well).

Learning these facts is a suitable place for starting.

You can export this method to other levels, analyze what is more important for such buyers. The first thing they are looking for is high quality, we know that already. Let's remember our example of the 'Excellent machine' review.

What exactly makes it excellent? Its reliability or some special features?

Here is the answer from the review:

  • ​a crema with the rich taste;
  • flawless performance, no leaks, no problems;
  • fabulous espresso, much better than coffee in Starbucks;
  • fast working (5-7 minutes).

The main points:

  • Good taste.
  • Easy to use.
  • Attractive price.

So, you need to show your customer all the benefits he will get by using your product. Moreover, if you read the reviews first, you'll know them from the first hands, buyers have told you all these facts by themselves!

If we get to the product's copy, we'll notice that the seller has mentioned all those benefits into the text. High-quality espresso, creamy froth, easy preparation for the work, stainless boiler, and so on.

The listing has exactly all the things that customers liked. The list of benefits includes all clients' needs and wishes, everything they are asking for.

Here it is! A copywriting strategy for Amazon!



​I hope that you understood what angle is better to take with copywriting on Amazon. Speak as close to your customer's desires as you can. It will generate additional conversions.

Don't afraid to experiment with your texts! Be happy while doing this work, share positive emotions with your potential clients. Make friends with them, as people buy from shops and brands they trust.

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