How to Speak to Your Customers Correctly on Amazon


No matter whether you have great experience of selling on Amazon or have just started your own online business on the world’s largest marketplace, you are likely to be aware of their strict rules and guidelines. Working with reviews is a crucial part of any online business and Amazon has its preferences regarding this too. For example, answering reviews will tell Amazon that you try to provide better customer experience, and customers will know that you take care of their impressions. Though, not many shoppers are ready to spend their time on leaving positive feedback and reviews, so where is the balance while asking shoppers for reviews?


If you speak to your customer correctly using polite language, Amazon won’t take this as the violation of their policy. Nevertheless, there are things which are restricted. Let’s connect the dots on what language is allowed to speak with your customers.


What Should Sellers Say?

Without any doubt, customers pay attention to those reviews which tell more about the experience of using the product. Amazon appreciates such review too, as they assess your brand’s quality using these factors. So, first of all, you as a seller should encourage customers to tell others about their own impressions of using your product.

Keep in mind the following rules while speaking with clients:

  1. Your goal should be making their reviews useful to other customers.

  2. You can’t ask for a ‘5-star’ or ‘positive’ review, as Amazon bans for this immediately.

  3. Help shoppers to write a review by adding the product’s photo and the link to Amazon review page to your email.


Your customer shouldn’t wonder where to start with leaving a review. Everything should be clear, easy and obvious.


Why Are Customers’ Reviews So Important?

In the digital world, you can’t check the quality of the product by hands, the only thing helping to do that is reviews. Sometimes, reviews and feedback are what makes people finalize their orders.


Also, customer reviews play an important role in SEO. Still, Amazon search algorithm pays attention to reviews and the number of stars, so they appear higher in search results. That can affect sales in a positive way.


Sure, every seller gets negative reviews sometimes, still, if you have lots of positive ones, they won’t strongly affect your rating. What’s more, customers may tell you about the shortcomings you can fix in the future. Use them as a way to improve your online business.


How to Do This Right?

Asking people for reviews may not help in a short-term perspective, but don’t stop anyway. Send an email to your customers and ask them to leave a review in a polite manner.


If you wonder whether there is some step-by-step plan, yes, we have such a plan. Read our mini-course and everything will become clear:

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The whole process may be time-consuming and tricky, still, be ready to be the winner in the end. We hope, our manuals will help you to become successful in asking customers for reviews. At least, our methods and tips are completely Amazon ToS compliant.


The Bottom Line

Let’s sum up everything said above. Here are moments you should obligatorily keep in mind while emailing your customers:

  • Don’t ask for a ‘positive’ or ‘5-star’ review. On the contrary, you may ask people to share their honest opinion.

  • Be ready to receive both positive and negative reviews. Use negative ones for improving your online business.

  • Reviews and feedback help other shoppers make decisions, so they are crucial.

  • High-quality and full of impressions and details reviews will help you grow your ratings and brand awareness.


In general, be attentive to the needs of customers, provide them with high-quality products and service and be compliant with Amazon ToS.