Amazon Alexa Echo Advertising


Alexa influenced shopping on Amazon when it went live on the Echo range. This is a voice-powered digital assistant that provides shoppers with detailed information or helps them pay bills, as well as helps do shopping with pleasure. Amazon values customer experience and sales most of all, so their main goal is to complete a successful sale which will make customers happy with their choice. How do they do it? This will be revealed in our today's article about Amazon Echo advertising and Alexa ads.


The statistics says that shopping with voice assistants becomes more popular over the past few years. Here are some insights about what people use their Alexas for:

  1. 70% - for listening music.
  2. 47% - for online search.
  3. 46% - for checking news.
  4. 36% - for making calls.
  5. 35% - for basic research.
  6. 30% - for shopping and ordering.


Partnerships with Businesses

Amazon Alexa is still being developed, and it offers something new to users every year. Amazon continues negotiating with large companies to make partners and get new products to the system. For example, let’s remind Procter & Gamble or Clorox.

Such partnerships are focusing on related products which can be suggested to users by Alexa. It analyzes queries and offers shoppers high-quality products. Those who are familiar with advertising already know that ‘related products’ is not a new scheme. Still, thanks to Alexa, this concept has grown to a qualitatively new level, as it goes beyond Amazon has already taken into account.


Another interesting thing to know about Amazon Alexa ads and Amazon Echo suggestions is that sponsors don’t always take the first places in the suggestions list. One more fact is that Echo doesn’t advertise outside of ‘Skills’ and Alexa suggests only products placed on Amazon.

You may wonder what exactly influences Alexa’s recommendations. These are organic search results and the Amazon Choice badge about which we told you previously. Advertising spends have no strong effect.

A special Amazon’s algorithm computes different factors and analyzes data each time it receives a new query, and only then Alexa can give suggestions.


Avoiding Irritating Ads

Every seller and every business is aware of the fact that people are tired of ads and they want to stop ads even on Amazon. Shoppers often ignore banners and other ads, and some people can even send a complaint to the company.

That’s why Alexa is recommending products in a more democratic way without making users nuts with all those unnecessary advertisements. Amazon Echo suggestions and Alexa’s recommendations simple meet people’s need, that’s why shoppers won’t be irritating.

Thanks to this fact, Alexa ads are the future, as people enjoy this experience. They get what they need without offering odd services and products!


Focusing on Users

We all know that Amazon has user experience on the top of their interests. Providing perfect customer experience is their official mission, by the way, we discussed this not so long ago. For Amazon, the customer is always right. And customer satisfaction has become the center of Amazon’s shopping empire.

This is the way Alexa ads work - they lead shoppers to the best customer experience. It suggests them the most high-quality options of what shoppers are looking for without any irritating ads. So, clients come, search for products, get what they want and pay money!

If you run ads on Amazon, the retail giant needs to be sure you will provide the best customer experience, otherway, your ads can be rejected.


Alexa ads network displays both Amazon and third-party ads if they are relevant to what people look for. So, Alexa makes a great change to traditional advertising and this is great for shoppers and sellers, as businesses can benefit and get more sales thanks to such ads.


Adding New Skills to Alexa

Amazon has extended Alexa’s functionality by adding Skills to it. These are apps from non-Amazon developers that offer movies and games searches, access to home security, mediation aids, and more useful services.

'Skills' was one of the main focuses of Alexa development in 2018. All the apps are checked for compliance with the Amazon’s focus on customer happiness. This is a new way to generate revenue for Amazon, still, the standards are high and Amazon won’t use the service to earn money without caring about customer experience. They are striving to find a balance between these two poles.


One more advertising challenge lays in the difference between Amazon website ads and Alexa ads. As long as Alexa is a voice-assistant, it gives just one suggestion at a time. On the website, customers get a set of suggestions. Nevertheless, all options are popular enough and we can watch how Amazon is going to find the right balance and keep users satisfied with their shopping and hearing Alexa ads.