Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a new format of presenting your products using videos, comparison tables, HTM: based content, and any other things except regular descriptions and images. This helps sellers to tell vivid stories about products and glue shoppers’ attention. Amazon EBC is an option for professional sellers who offer exceptional customer experience.


Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to fully use HTML, however, there are special Enhanced Brand Content templates which help business owners improve their listings so shoppers get attracted by them.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content allows:

  • To make sellers’ content more scannable and convenient to read through.
  • To add more images for achieving a more visual effect.
  • To create logical sections and break information into important parts.
  • To add paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points as well as to format text.


Five Steps for Using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

If you haven’t taken advantage of using entertaining and attention-catching Enhanced Brand Content, it is the right time to do that!

  1. Visit ‘Enhanced Brand Content’. You can find it in your Seller Central, in the ‘Advertising’ menu section.

  2. Choose a template. This is a simple step where you can select an Amazon Enhanced Brand Content template. Look at the examples and imagine how your future product page will look like.
    Just enter the SKU you want to create an Amazon EBC page for and templates will appear:

    The main benefit of EBC pages is that you can tell people more using images, while not loading their minds with tons of text.

  3. Add content. Write your short description, optimize SEO keywords, make lists with important bullet points, create well-designed images and use everything to tell the story of your product.
    Note that you can’t use ordinary marketing tricks and mention in your text such words as ‘guarantee’, ‘money back’ or any other phrases that can push a customer to the decision you want from them.
    If you do so, Amazon will show you a warning message saying ‘Correct the errors before submitting the content again’. What’s more, this message will indicate what phrases should be changed or deleted.
    Once everything is ok, you’ll see a green message telling you how much KB you have remaining. So, you are free to choose whether you want to add something more to your Enhanced Brand Content detail pages.

  4. Submit your Amazon EBC page for review. Once you are done with editing and the green message tells you that everything is OK, submit your page to Amazon. The approval process is normally fast and takes around one or two business days. Still, don’t get upset if Amazon rejects your application for the first time, Amazon can send you an email with the list of things that should be done. If they do so, please correct everything and re-submit your Enhanced Brand Content page.

    Make changes for your Enhanced Brand Content detail page to be approved. This happens when your text doesn’t contain any marketing phrases, call-to-actions, guarantees or other forbidden things. Keep in mind that your texts have to be descriptive and tell the story of the product, not make customers buy it. Don’t also use any offending phrases and don’t use references on your pictures or photos.
    Keep in mind that all graphic content has to be of high quality if you are going to pass the Amazon EBC approval.

    If Amazon returns your Enhanced Brand Content detail pages once more and wants you to make more changes, make them. That’s okay, as the process of approving is implemented by humans, so different moderators can notice various things. Still, you are making changes for an ideal result and you’ll get it for sure, so don’t give up.

  5. Watch your results. Analyzing your results is key in Amazon business, especially if we are talking about Amazon Enhanced Brand Content which pretends to be more effective than ordinary content.
    Here are some metrics for you to check out:
    - Sales velocity can show you an increase in your total sales.
    - Conversion rates will demonstrate whether your Enhanced Brand Content detail pages work better than usual ones. You can find this metric in the ‘Reports’ section. Go to ‘Business Reports’ and select ‘Sales and traffic’.

    Keep in mind that there is a delay in Seller Central and it takes at least a few days to collect the data. So, it is recommended to wait a couple of weeks and to check your results after some time passes.


Benefits and Pitfalls of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Let’s start with positive things:

  1. Different types of shoppers are attracted by Enhanced Brand Content. This content is richer in formats, so everyone will have their own impressions, even those who don’t want to read tons of text and prefer light informative images.
  2. It’s not a secret that Enhanced Brand Content detail pages help sellers generate more sales. Try that yourself.
  3. Amazon EBC helps make the customer experience better, so you have a chance to not only increase sales but also get happy and loyal customers.


Still, there are no ideal and completely positive things in our world. So, what are the pitfalls of Enhanced Brand Content?

  1. Some of the keywords are not indexed, so you can’t say whether your SEO optimizing work is effective. However, it can be so, as the idea is not proven yet.
  2. Amazon EBC is approved by humans, so you can re-submit your content several times before it goes live.
  3. Sometimes moderators ask you to change texts which had been approved earlier.
  4. In some cases, the approval process may last up to a week.
  5. All your content has to be or high quality, otherwise, your Enhanced Brand Content won’t be approved.


Final Thoughts

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content gives sellers an opportunity to provide a better customer experience to shoppers and grow own profits.

Keep an eye on your metrics and watch how Amazon EBC works specifically for your products. Still, we hope that you’ll have incredible results! Go to Seller Central and try how everything works on your own experience.