Amazon Exclusives Program. All You Need to Know


If you are wondering what is Amazon exclusives, you have come to the right place, as in this article, we are going to tell you everything about this program. In general, this is a special Amazon program letting sellers partners get added exposure for their brand and even get additional support.

If you are not a newbie on Amazon, you might have already heard about the Amazon Exclusives program.

So, the Exclusives program literally makes you a direct partner of Amazon.


What Is ‘Amazon Exclusives’ and What Can You Get with It?

At first, Amazon Exclusives seems to offer partners some great benefits. Here is the list of things you will get if you join:

  1. A brand advocate on Amazon.
  2. Access to 1-to-1 sessions with a dedicated paid ads expert.
  3. Help with launching new products.
  4. Help with banner ads.
  5. Free monthly Lightning deals, free monthly Best deals.
  6. Exposure in 2 catalogs in Amazon Exclusives
  7. An account in Video Manager where you can manage video content for your product.



These points look fascinating, and they are really so. However, every seller is interested in whether there are some drawbacks in the Amazon Exclusives program. Let’s look at brand advocate alone, sure, this is a great benefit, as having someone on your side is always beneficial for a brand. He will answer all your questions, you will be able to get useful advice on your brand development. What’s more, you become partners with Amazon, which is the greatest benefit for those who sell on Amazon.

The Amazon Exclusives storefront is updated every month, add seasonal catalogs before holidays, and give your products a chance to be featured in those catalogs! The traffic to the catalogs is enormous, getting to the Exclusives lists means increased sales volume and plenty of new customers. Additionally to Sponsored ads and other marketing activities, participating in this program helps your brand get more high-traffic exposure.

What is even more attractive for sellers, participants of Amazon Exclusives program can use Lightning deals for free. You can try to take part in Amazon Best deals and get even more traffic to your brand and products.

The program also includes customized banner advertisements which can be configured just for you. All the other listed benefits are quite enough to take part in this appealing program for Amazon sellers. A very sweet deal!


How Much Does It Cost?

For becoming partners with Amazon you’ll have to pay them 5% on all your future sales. 'ALL your sales' means not only for the product featured in the Exclusives program but all the other your products listed in the account. So take into consideration this fact before enrolling to Amazon Exclusives. No one wants to have such a surprise before taking part in it.


Who Are Amazon Exclusives for?

Sure, anyone selling on Amazon can participate in the program. Still, the program itself might be not the best option for ALL the Amazon sellers. Large sellers may not strongly benefit from participating, as they are successful enough and won’t feel the grown exposure.

There may be also situations when exposure is high, but 5% Amazon fee is higher than new margins. The program becomes not profitable for such sellers. Keep in mind that this fee applies to the WHOLE Amazon account, not just specific products. Please, be careful and calculate your future profits and losses to know whether Amazon Exclusives will be lucrative for you.


What Else to Consider?

If you sell (or intend to sell) products via other channels, Amazon Exclusives may be not the best choice for you. It requires that sellers work ONLY with Amazon listings and own websites, not other marketplaces and shopping platforms. Physical stores are also allowed, if you have them, of course.

So, always keep in mind that while taking part in the Amazon Exclusives program you CAN sell on:

  • Amazon.
  • Your brand website.
  • Physical stores.

If you are going to sell on eBay, Etsy, or other shopping platforms, better avoid Amazon Exclusives.


How Can I Participate?

You have obligatory to pass Brand Registry, use EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) in your listing. After you are done with it, visit Amazon Exclusives For Sellers (you have to be signed into Seller Central, another way you won’t get access to the page).

And here is an example of how the Amazon Exclusives catalog looks like.


The Bottom Line

Participation in the Exclusives program which makes you a direct partner of Amazon is great. It offers sellers plenty of benefits, however, on the other side, it has limits that may not suit all the sellers. No matter whether you will participate in the program or not, we wish you success in building your online business on Amazon!