Top 5 Amazon FBA Podcasts


In our busy world, when we have a few time for our own needs, podcasts are very helpful. People can consume information while doing something else, combining two things together and saving plenty of time! This is a brilliant option to learn something new when you are on the move. What’s else great about podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere and anytime, from your mobile devices when being out, in the car or at home.

Amazon FBA podcasts are very important for sellers, as you can learn lots of new useful things quickly without leaving your business tasks far behind. That is the main reason why FBA podcasts for sellers are so popular. There are hundreds of them.

With this article, we want to list the most useful Amazon seller podcast for you not to spend hours and days by searching for valuable information.


1. The Amazing Seller

Created and developed by Scott Voelker, an entrepreneur and the owner of his portrait studio, this Amazon seller podcast provides online business owners with advice on sourcing products, keyword tracking, optimizing listings, and finally, increasing sales.

His podcasts are updates every two days and you can find them on the website. By the way, on the site, you will also find the story of Scott’s success on Amazon.

Here is a couple of examples for you to see what are these podcasts about:

  • The simple 4 step process to building a million dollar brand.
  • Why now is the best time to build your email list + steps to follow.
  • Special 4th quarter kick off episode (how to get more sales).

Want to listen to these Amazon seller FBA podcasts and find more information? Follow this link.


2. AMZsecrets

Another great Amazon FBA podcast is AMZsecrets. They publish monthly podcasts that are usually interviews with successful online business owners, selling experts, and entrepreneurs.

Their target audience is experienced Amazon sellers and there are more than 150K listeners throughout the world.

For instance, they produce the following Amazon seller podcasts:

  • Build the brand, 180k/month sales on Amazon and Shopify with Dr. Travis Zigler.
  • The best entrepreneurs have better systems than you, with Aaron O’Sullivan.
  • These CEOs are disrupting Amazon PPC by Fully Automating it – Prestozon.

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3. FBA All-Stars

On the third place, we have the ‘FBA All-Stars’ Amazon podcast that encourages sellers of all possible levels with their great motto:

  • 1 Step to 7 Figures.

As you might have understood, the goal of this podcast owner is to make one million dollars per year. These Amazon seller podcasts include own experience of their author and interviews with guests on various useful topics.

The channel is updated every week, and here are the latest topics. Check them out to find out whether this Amazon seller podcast is relevant to your interests:

  • How To Have A Successful Product Launch ALL-196.
  • How to Quickly Correct a Mistake and Get Your Business Back on Track to Success ALL-168.
  • How Nemo Built A 7-Figure Amazon Business In 1 Year ALL-195.

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4. AM PM

This Amazon FBA podcast is hosted by Manny Coates and this is a great choice for Amazon sellers. Manny has been working on Amazon since 2015 and his AM PM podcast is the concentrate of experience and best selling practices. They are regularly updated, among the latest ones you can find the following fascinating topics:

  • How to Sell on Amazon - FBA and Private Label Selling Tips.
  • How I Made $1 MILLION in a Single Month!
  • 3 Products You Should Avoid Selling on Amazon.

Do you feel that this is the exactly Amazon seller podcast you need? Check it out here.


5. Private Label Movement

This is not a term, this is the name of a website with informative professional podcasts about private label business on Amazon, strategy, and tactics for it, as well as its peculiarities. This Amazon FBA podcast is hosted by Kevin Rizer, he covers topics useful to both newbies in FBA and professionals of private label business.

Here are some topics that may be of interest to you:

  • 012 Earnest Epps 6-Figure High Ticket Drop Shipping.
  • Nate Lind 7-Figure Ecommerce Seller, Coach and Community Builder 010.
  • Mark Lewyn 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of 008.

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