Amazon Sellers and Influencers How-To


Influencer marketing is a great part of the overall marketing strategy of the majority of Amazon sellers. According to the stats from the web, 94% of marketing specialists include communicating to influencers to their plans and are going to have at least 1 such campaign in the next 12 months.
Influencers in social media can endorse products thus growing your income and your brand’s popularity.

With Amazon’s Influencer program things become more understandable and we will tell you about all the benefits of this feature. You can use it for achieving greater brand visibility and getting more regular customers.


Basics of Amazon Influencer Program

As Amazon says, this program is private and is not open to all the sellers. For participating in it, you need a high posts frequency and a great number of followers. The Influencer program offers commission on all sold products. However, it is in the Beta mode at the moment and people can be accepted to it only by invitation.

You can apply in these 3 steps:

  1. List the links to your accounts in social media in the Profile page settings on Amazon.
  2. Make sure and verify your email is correct in your Account settings.
  3. Apply here, confirm your interest.

Due to the rapidly grown interest, Amazon heads to influencers and asks them to join the program. They pay attention to the number of followers first.


How Can I  Become an Influencer?

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We haven’t found any clear cut-off in how many followers does a person needs to receive Amazon’s invitation to become an influencer.
Still, it is clear that Amazon takes into consideration several factors: contents, post engagement, relevancy, and others.


Influencers and Affiliates

You may wonder how the Influencer program different is from the Affiliate one. The first program is aimed at the needs of social media first. The second one is designed for associates and their own websites. Moreover, anyone can become an affiliate while becoming an influencer is not a piece of cake. Affiliates can sign up, create their links and insert them to their sites or blogs.
Once a potential customer clicks such a link and buys a product, an affiliate gets the commission.

As for the Influencer program, it is not so easy to apply and Amazon must accept a person as an influencer. They send an influencer a vanity link and he/she shares it via social media. The commission is paid once a customer buys a product from that link.
This way is more convenient for shoppers as they can read honest influencer’s review and get what someone thinks of the product. So, the shopping experience becomes better and that is what Amazon values the most.

One thing we don’t know is the size of commission influencers receive for their reviews.


How Amazon Helps Influencers Select Products

Amazon now doesn’t help influencers choose products for reviewing. Influencers have to select them on their own. Brands are searching for influencers to work with and they are ready to receive experts’ feedback as it will be featured on the influencer’s page on Amazon.


What are the Benefits for Amazon Sellers?

Sellers build business relationships with influencers and their products can be featured on influencers’ pages. Amazon doesn’t interfere with the process. This is a great deal for new products, just imagine how many orders will you get if someone popular mentions your goods on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
Such placement means more sales, so widen your circle of influencers and try to establish as many business connections as you can. If influencers have the right target audience, it will be a great deal for you.