Amazon Packaging Inserts How-to


Marketing on Amazon commonly happens only online. PPC sponsored ads and Brands, SEO on Amazon and other tools are great to boost product visibility and to attract new potential customers. Still, there are interesting offline marketing activities Amazon sellers allowed to do. One of them is packaging inserts which can be added to every order. Let’s find out how they work and how they help sellers their grow conversion rates.


What Are Packaging Inserts on Amazon?

Packaging inserts on Amazon are printed things sellers are allowed to add to their packages before shipping goods to customers. These inserts are usually no larger than a postcard or a business card, like a booklet which carries a marketing message for a customer.

These things are made for providing better customer experience, communicate with your customers and achieve common marketing goals (convert, or grow customers’ loyalty).


Amazon doesn’t give personal information of shoppers to sellers. That’s why each packaging sent with inserts grows sellers’ chances for upselling and getting feedback.

Nevertheless, Amazon is aware of this kind of practice, so they have strict limits for sellers not to spam their customers with tons of inserts. Amazon sellers can’t add an unlimited number of packaging inserts, but we will discuss this a bit later.


Can FBA Sellers Add Inserts?

It is clear that FBM sellers have more freedom in adding packaging inserts, still, FBA entrepreneurs can do this either, only during the process of manufacturing.

What do you need to add inserts if you are an FBA seller?

  1. Ask your supplier to make and add packaging inserts to your products prior to sending goods to Amazon.
  2. Order inserts from a local firm and send them to your manufacturer.


Alternatively, you can work as an FBM seller and pack inserts with orders.

Still, no matter which scheme you use for fulfilling orders and shipping them, you have to always keep in mind Amazon rules and guidelines. Otherwise, they will block your account.


Here are the main ‘Don’ts’ you should remember:

  1. Don’t divert shoppers or transactions away from the Amazon website. You can’t offer people to visit your own website or any third-party site outside Amazon.
  2. Don’t offer anything for reviews and feedback. Fake reviews is what Amazon really can’t stand. Asking for reviews (especially for positive ones) is strictly prohibited. Any CTAs like those can lead to a ban. This is the same rule to what we are used to in emailing on Amazon.



Legal Ways to Use Packaging Inserts for Marketing

Regardless of all tight rules of Amazon, inserts are marketing tools sellers can still use. And here are some legal strategies on how to use them to achieve your business goals:

  • Ask for reviews in a neutral way. Amazon doesn’t allow only asking for positive reviews and offering something in return for reviews. No one will punish you for asking your customers whether he/she wants to share honest impressions.
  • Work on customer service, which encourages clients to leave positive reviews. Another chance to get positive feedback and not be suspended by Amazon is providing excellent customer experience. Let your customer get happy with a little surprise which comes with their order. They will likely to mention that happiness in feedback.
  • Grow the perceived item value. After adding something surprising, people are likely to leave reviews and also make repeat purchases. You may add this value by inserting how-to’s or creative ideas on how your product can be used.
  • Create promos for other products on Amazon. You can’t lead people outside Amazon, but you can lead them to your other products on Amazon.
  • Avoid negative feedback with inserts. You can write a line saying that customers can contact you any time in case of troubles with the product. This will help you solve all the potential issues and make your customer happy before they complain about that on Amazon.
  • Grow loyalty for your brand. Happy customers often become loyal customers. Your inserts can also be branded for people to see your brand name everywhere and remember it better.


Recommendations for Choosing Best Inserts

Here are some quick tips what should be inserted and what should not.


  • Remind your customers why they ordered this item, list its benefits - this will help you decrease the return rate.
  • Ask about their happiness and satisfaction with the products.
  • Offer additional support in case they have issues or questions.
  • Ensure that your packaging inserts on Amazon add value to the product.


  • Don’t provide discount codes and ask for feedback/reviews at a time.
  • Don’t even mention these two things at one time.
  • Don’t ask for positive or 5-star feedback.
  • Don’t ask customers to visit your own site or any other sales platform.


The Bottom Line

Let’s draw conclusions and create a short ‘To Do List’ for you to know where to start:

  1. Think of your marketing goals.
  2. Design a bright, attractive and eye-catching insert. It should include understandable instructions for customers to know what you want from them.
  3. Influence customers’ sense of urgency. Make them know that your other offers are limited, they will more likely buy your other products.
  4. Expect to get no more than a 5% response rate. Most experts prove this figure is average for Amazon sellers.
  5. Test different options. One type of packaging inserts can appear to be more effective than another one. Send different inserts and select your best option based on the experience.