What Is Amazon Media Group (AMG)


Amazon Media Group is now part of ‘Amazon Advertising’ (from September 2018). This is a premium service for vendors that gives them an opportunity to access variety of features helping to showcase products. Valuable reviews, external SEO optimization, and other features are essential for vendors and they can access them via Amazon Media Group.


Amazon Media Group or so-called by some people ‘Amazon Marketing Group’ can be accessed via Marketing Services. The service helps vendors:

  • Create campaigns and boost sales.
  • Reach customers on different devices (both desktop and mobile).
  • Access and analyze vital metrics.


AMG advertising team manages:

  • Display ads.
  • Kindle and Fire experiences.
  • Advertising platform of Amazon.

So, here and further in this article are the answers to the question “What is Amazon AMS (services) and AMG (group)?”



Amazon Display Ads

These ads reach customers to showcase brands and products. They:

  • Place ads for individual items.
  • Drive much traffic.
  • Control budget.
  • Allow creating targeted campaigns.
  • Use the ‘Pay per click’ model
  • Track ads performance.

With Amazon Media Group, vendors can track their efficiency and performance, improve their business and grow profit.


Advertising Platform for Running Ads

This platform helps vendors extend their advertising campaigns on third-party sites. So customers will see their Amazon ads outside the marketplace. They are full-screen videos that drive traffic to the vendors’ detail pages.

The system allows vendors to operate via:

  • Desktop display ads. These are large banners attractive to customers. They can be placed all around the web.
  • Mobile banner ads. Vendors get the ability to target mobile users in applications on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire platforms.
  • Mobile interstitial ads. This is an option available for showing to mobile users except for mobile banner ads.
  • Image and text ads. This is the most common type of ads where sellers can use all their creativity. People also call it ‘native advertising’.
  • Video ads. These are in-stream ads added to online videos.

You see the variety of opportunities offered by Amazon Media Group, they are great!



Kindle and Fire

These types of shoppers’ experiences help vendors advertise visual campaigns via Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV. Ads from AMG advertising appear on Fire or Kindle lock screens or on the Home screen on the TV.

The most obvious benefit of this type of ads is that they are integrated into the entire product design and don’t irritate customers.



Other Things to Know about Amazon AMG

Vendors strive to grow brand awareness rather than just boost ROI. They say, that minimal investments in such ads are from $35.000 to $50.000, however, this sum includes all the marketing activities in Amazon Media Group and AMG advertising.

Vendors get AMG pixel they can integrate into ads campaign to track the performance. Keep in mind that AMG pixel can be added to an eCommerce page and it will identify the best segments for vendor’s business.


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