What is Amazon Merch and How to Start


What is Amazon Merch?

Merch by Amazon is a T-shirt printing service working on demand. Amazon sellers have the opportunity to design their T-shirts for free. The system allows you to upload your unique design, experiment with colors and set the price for your new sold T-shirts. Amazon takes care of all other work (printing and fulfilling orders).

Many sellers assume working with Amazon Merch shirts a nice idea for starting a new business online.



How to Join Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon is an invitation-only program. Still, getting an invitation is not too hard. You need to fill out a form on their landing and wait until you are approved. If you are, you’ll get an app soon. After this, you need to specify your basic seller information and can get started with creating Amazon Merch shirts.

There are no specific tips on how to get approved for working with Amazon Merch, but the majority of sellers don’t face any difficulties.



In the dashboard of Merch, you can upload your designs, create promos for your T-shirts, and analyze sales. First, you’ll be limited to only 25 designs, but after upgrading to the next level, they give you 100 designs.
This 2-tier system helps Amazon filter out bad-quality designs and keep the best products. They also protect themselves from spammers who load the app with tons of low-quality designs.

You can check out popular items on Amazon and see great designs, but keep in mind that you can’t copy them. Use examples just for inspiration.


How to Create Your First Amazon Merch Shirt

For creating your own design, you may use Photoshop, GIMP or any other picture editing software. Here are the templates for shirts created by Amazon you can use.



An image of high quality can be created in the provided space. Keep in mind that designs shouldn’t be pixelated or stretched.

Amazon has even created the list of useful tips which will come in use while creating your own designs.


If you don’t have ideas on what design you should make, order it from a third-party company.


Print on Demand

The process of working with Amazon Merch can be divided in the following steps:

  1. Upload your own designs using Amazon’s specifications.
  2. Set a price for a ready-made T-shirt.
  3. Amazon creates a listing for your product.
  4. People find the listing in search results and make an order.
  5. Amazon prints the shirt, packs it and ships it to the customer.


For each sale, you pay royalties. Your profit depends on the price you set for a shirt, so you are free to set your prices.


Tips on Selling Amazon Merch shirts

We want to finish our Amazon Merch guide with the list of useful and actionable tips.

  • Research is always the key to success. No matter whether you are starting with Amazon Merch, Private Label, retail arbitrage or any other thing.
  • Don’t steal designs or ideas and be respectful to the intellectual property of others. Amazon has very strict rules regarding this.
  • Write creative and attention-catching descriptions, don’t hesitate to include to them lists and bullet points.
  • Collect keywords for your future listing. You can use Google Trends, Keywordtool or any other tool. By the way, we have an article on this topic.
  • Use Paid ads to extend the exposure over Amazon. Feel free to promote your Amazon products in social media.
  • Keep in mind that there are 3 types of designs: evergreen, holidays design and trendy design.


In any case, being attentive to people’s needs and creative enough to make something useful and attractive will help you make the best shirts in Amazon Merch!