3 Types of Messages You Should Send on Amazon


Building a distinctive reputation of a responsible seller is crucial on Amazon. This is possible with customer feedback and product reviews, for which you can ask in Buyer-Seller messaging or using an autoresponder - it will do the whole work for you. Still, our article is not about our service, it is about which messages should be sent on Amazon to inspire your customers to write feedback for you as a seller and your products.


Customer Experience is #1

Before we start, we want to remind you of one simple rule that Amazon values the most. People even often call Amazon the most customer-centric company. So, when contacting customers, you should keep in mind this rule, as Amazon’s rules are strict and the consequences for breaking these rules may be harsh.

In short, you can’t include your emails the following things:

  • Any promos and marketing messages.

  • Any referrals to third-party promos.

  • Links to other websites (even your brand site).

  • Links to storefronts and detail pages on Amazon.

  • Logos with links on them.

Find more details by this link.


So, you should use Buyer-Seller Messaging to improve customer experience and make sure your customer knows when they will receive the order. This doesn’t mean there is no room for creativity and asking for reviews or feedback. Let’s proceed to find out what types of messages are the best choice for third-party sellers on Amazon.


1. Notification Messages about Order Fulfillment

We mean order confirmation, order shipping, and its delivery. Still, Amazon allows sending only one notification message peer order. This happens due to the fact that Amazon sends such emails automatically, so your customer will receive order or shipping confirmation anyway.

Still, as a seller, you may be willing to share some additional information with your customers. For example, if your product needs to be opened upon delivery, send a reminder message to your customer.

Another example is when a seller sells lots of child ASINs which contain dozens of different sizes and colors and a seller wants to tell the customer the specs of the product ordered. In this situation, using a picture would be great.


2. Seller Feedback Email Messages

Many sellers think that Amazon bans users who ask their customers to leave seller feedback. In fact, sellers are allowed to do that, only without asking for specific feedback like ‘positive’ or ‘5-star’.


Here is an example of how we write such emails at Seller Nexus:

“We’re very glad you have chosen ____.

According to the tracking information, it shows that your order has now arrived on its destination point and you have now received your product. We hope you are happy with your purchase and delivery! It would be great if you could share your experience with other Amazon customers on how we processed and handled your order. Your feedback is essential for a small company like ours.

In case of any questions or issues, please tell us about them through the reply link to this email and we will address them immediately.”



3. Product Reviews Email Messages

This point is similar to the one above. Sellers are allowed to ask for customer reviews but not for ‘positive reviews’.

Here is an example from Seller Nexus. We try to write such emails in a polite manner in order not to bother customers who don’t like writing reviews at all.


“We want to thank you again for your order! We are just reaching out here to find out whether you are pleased with your recent purchase.

Could you take a minute and write a quick review for ____? It would be greatly appreciated and helpful, both for us as a small business that aims at improving our product quality and service, and for other shoppers on Amazon who can make useful decisions based on your honest feedback. Thank you!  

Follow this link to share your thoughts.

We are looking forward to discovering more about your experience!”

So, we hope that this article and our examples were helpful and you’ll be ready to send such emails to your customers right away!