Amazon's Mission Statement and Core Values


We have mentioned this almost in all our articles, and in this one, we are going to shed the light on Amazon mission statement, their motto, core values, and main goals. Amazon mission statement centers around what they value the most - their customer. You might have heard for hundreds of times that customer experience is on the top of Amazon company goals. Sellers who provide the best customer experience are on the top of search results while those who don’t manage to satisfy customers can be even banned from the marketplace.

This was so from the very beginning. Jeff Bezos has even confessed that this Amazon mission guided all his decisions throughout the entire company history. So, we can say that Amazon is Earth's most customer-centric company.


What Is Amazon Mission Statement?

According to Amazon itself, they are guided by 4 main principles:

  1. Customer obsession (not competitor focus).
  2. Operational excellence.
  3. Passion for invention.
  4. Long-term thinking.


If we analyze products made up by Amazon, we will see how much they have customers’ interests on the top of their values: 1-click shopping, personal recommendations, customer reviews, Amazon Prime, AWS services, Fulfillment by Amazon, and their innovative high-quality products such as Kindle, Alexa, Echo, and so on. This is all impressive and convenient in terms of online shopping. Every service makes purchasing goods online a process that helps customers find what they want and get goods as fast as they can imagine.


Amazon Vision Statement

As Amazon says, their vision is to be the most customer-centric company. They aim to be the place where people can find anything they need to purchase online.

We notice that Amazon copes well with this goal, as nearly every American looks for goods on Amazon. This is one of largest marketplaces in the world and their exceptional approach to customer experience makes them #1 among other eCommerce resources.

Just imagine, where would you shop online on Black Friday or before the Christmas holidays. We bet the majority of readers are going to visit Amazon. And this is the right decision! With Amazon Prime, for example, you can receive your order in one or two days, and ordering some products won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.


Amazon Company Values

Once we know what are Amazon vision and mission statements, let’s proceed with the values of Earth's most customer-centric company. When Amazon hires employees, the company tells them about core values and goals, while defying whether a person will follow this corporate culture. Everyone in Amazon act in line with this culture, this helps the corporation grow dramatically every year.

  1. First is customer obsession. Customers are at the top of the company’s interests. Not competitors, not other websites and other businesses, just customers and their interests.
  2. Invent and simplify. Amazon wants to make everything as simple as it is possible. If there are some innovative ideas, they are always ready to take a look at them and implement the best plans.
  3. Ownership. No one who works for Amazon says ‘That’s not my job’. Everyone is responsible for the overall company’s success. Amazon strives to build long-term relationships with customers, third-party entrepreneurs, vendors, and employees.
  4. Insist on the highest standards. Making the best business, selling the best products to provide the best customer experience is one of the top Amazon company goals.
  5. Frugality. Amazon states that everything can be achieved with fewer efforts and resources. They teach employees that the frugality principle works, and the same can be implemented to sellers’ businesses. There are always ways to achieve more by doing and investing less.
  6. Earn trust. Treating others respectfully and doing everything to be compliant with Amazon mission and vision helps grow trust. As you know, trust is what keeps customers interested in your brand, what keeps employees working for a company, what keeps people together.
  7. Deliver results. eCommerce processes are important but results are what every business person is looking for. Every entrepreneur and leader should be result-oriented. And what concerns Amazon purpose specified in their mission statement, the ideal result for everyone who works for the company (even third-party sellers) is providing exceptional customer experience.


More Details about Amazon

After we have found out what Amazon mission and vision are, let’s learn more about how this transformed over years and what other interesting facts are there about the Earth's most customer-centric company:

  1. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The headquarters are situated in Seattle. They started like a bookstore specializing in college textbooks. Later, they added furniture, electronics, and jewelry. In 2018, you can find on Amazon everything you can imagine. It was one of the main company goals and they have achieved it!
  2. During Amazon’s evolution, there were periods when many people assumed the company nearly a bankrupt, especially during the dot-com bubble burst, still, the world’s largest online retailer survived and has even gone to a new level.
  3. In a Harris Poll, Amazon was named #1 in corporate reputation. They collected more than 23K votes. This is about not only Amazon mission and goals but their corporate culture we outlined earlier.
  4. Amazon has acquired some smaller retailers during the company’s evolution. They own Goodreads, Zappos, Shopbop, and others.
  5. Amazon has their own product lines. Everyone knows about Kindle e-readers, Echo, Fire Tables, and Amazon Prime services.
  6. Not so long ago, Amazon became a media conglomerate with creating their own movies, shooting shows and other entertainment things. People love that, why not to improve customer experience by spending more time with Amazon?
  7. What sets Amazon apart other online marketplaces is working with honest user-submitted reviews. They harshly moderate reviews and leave only real ones, while other websites suffer from marketing-based reviews. This happens thanks to Amazon mission and vision, and customer experience as their core value.
  8. More than 150 million shoppers visit Amazon each month. They leave reviews and share their experience that helps others make right decisions.
  9. Amazon has a great network of third-party shipping services. This is helpful when one needs super-fast two-hour delivery. The speed of delivery is an important factor influencing customer experience, so working as efficiently as possible is one of Amazon goals too.
  10. Amazon is present throughout the world today, though it was niche entrepreneurship at the very beginning. It is now a global company with plenty of categories, subcategories, products, and services. However, this is not the end and Amazon evolves annually, following their mission statement and core values.