Amazon Seller Payment: How Long Does It Take?


We hope that your FBA business on Amazon is doing great and you receive money for successful orders every day. Your account is getting more flourishing and products become bestsellers. Wonderful situation, isn’t it?

Still, there are no ideal circumstances in real life, so there may be some pitfalls which can strongly influence your online entrepreneurship. Amazon is not going to pay you money from your accounts during two next weeks. If there are some issues on the supplier’s side, everything can take 3-5 days more.

Speaking of suppliers, it is crucial that you place a new inventory order as soon as possible, as metrics will suffer if there are no products in stock. Add to that amount of problems lead and shipping time, time of clearing money, and imagine the scale of the future possible disaster.

You see, you need to get more items right now but you have no money for paying their full price as you’ll get paid by Amazon in a couple of weeks. Oh, even days weight much here!


As Manny Coats said in one of his podcasts (AM/PM podcast about which we have already told you), once he used to sell 50 product units per day. One day, he didn’t manage to get his replenishment order fast enough due to some cash flows, so his stock became empty soon. After he finally received those items he had been waiting for sales drawn to 1 per day and nothing helped. Metrics and ratings suffered so much that a successful product became an unpopular one.

Most Amazon sellers will agree that this factor is the most frustrating in selling online. However, everything can be planned. Being an FBA seller is not so scary as it may seem. You just need to keep in mind several things including the terms of payments and terms of your replenishment orders.

Well, you might think that everything goes well if planned on an average day, but what about high-demand periods like Black Friday or Christmas? The consequences may come quickly enough. And we are now here to find out whether something can be done to that. Let’s learn how to avoid catastrophes by calculating how often Amazon pays to sellers and learning Amazon seller payment schedule.



How Often Does Amazon Pay Sellers and Why So Long?

In perfect circumstances, you would have constant access to your funds and you’d be able to refill the inventory anytime to make shoppers happy with their orders. Some sellers have this kind of accounts (old accounts), and they can submit disbursement requests every day, as there is such an opportunity.

New sellers have to wait 2 weeks before getting their money to accounts as Amazon is holding seller funds. After this period, your funds will be transferred to the checking account specified by you. Sometimes, Amazon payout takes extra 5 days depending on your bank, so the total period can be up to 19 days!

Are there some ways to overcome this 2-week limitation on Amazon seller payment schedule? Yes, there is a solution to this question, so read further and get paid by Amazon quicker!


How Do You Get Paid on Amazon Earlier?

Payability is a financing solution designed for Amazon sellers and App Stores owners. So, you can grow your business faster with their quick payments. So, how to request a manual transfer of funds on Amazon using Payability?

First, visit the link above and listen to the podcast. Manny shares his personal experience in this podcast and shows how to get paid by Amazon and which fees Payability has. He also shares how he uses the system in his everyday work on Amazon.


In general, there are two plans defying when Amazon pays you:

  • Instant Access. You can enroll for this one if you have an account in Seller Central. With this option, you’ll be able to withdraw funds on the next day.
  • Weekly Payments. This is a solution for Vendor Central users who will get earned funds every week.


Here is how it works:

  1. Connect your account or accounts to Payability. The software will monitor your income and know how much funds are available for withdrawal.
  2. Wait for the approval, then Payability will let you know about credit limits and pricing. They have fees (around 1-2% of your monthly earnings). Don’t worry if approval will last for a couple of days, as this is necessary for the company to make sure you are a real Amazon seller.
  3. Chose the way of payments and get paid! You can set how and when you should get paid. There are options for daily/weekly/monthly payments. Your funds will be transferred to your bank account or a MasterCard.

Payability is a great choice for experienced sellers who want to get paid by Amazon and new companies which just start their way in eCommerce.


Don’t Wait, Request a Manual Transfer of Funds on Amazon

If you want to test this service and be sure that you’ll always have funds to pay your suppliers when necessary, go to their official site and register an account with them. Pass the approval and learn the benefits of Payability yourself. We hope our Payability review for Amazon sellers was useful and you now feel more comfortable with regular and fast withdrawals.

We wish you to keep your inventory always in stock!