Amazon Pet Profile. All You Need to Know


Those who have pets know how much comfort and love they bring to our everyday lives. Animals deserve the best care. Amazon understands that and not so long ago, they introduced a new feature for pet owners - Amazon pet profile - that helps find the best deals.

This feature is great for both pets and their owners. Not always people have a chance to go out and visit dozens of pet shops while looking for something, either care products or some useful accessories. Amazon pet store brings customer experience to the new level. Shoppers now can add a pet profile to their own Amazon profile. This great feature helps them find the best products for a specific pet.

You see, this is a complete game-changer in the world of online shopping. Let’s find out the details of how Amazon animals list works.


Amazon Pet Profiles

As you understand, you can create a profile for your pets: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish and other animals.

Next, you can specify detailed information about your pet in the animal profile: name, age and breed. Amazon’s system uses this data for providing the best customer experience in Amazon pet store. They filter out those products which suit the best to your animal.

Additionally, you can upload your pet’s picture, as it may be both fun and functional.

After you set up the information about your pet, Amazon will take you to your pet profile page. The system will show you several suggestions of products suitable for your pet.

This way, they help you find products for animals more quickly and encourage you to buy more funny and useful things for your furry friend (or friends).


Bonus for Customers

Amazon has a special offer along with benefits of pet profiles listed above. Customers can get special coupons which can be used for future purchases at Amazon pet store. This is usually a one time discount of 20% for Prime clients they can spend on food for pets after creating a profile.

The promo is limited to 180 days after the profile creation.


Keep in mind that registering your pet on Amazon and creating an Amazon pet profile is completely free and you won’t be charged any fees for that.


Pet Sales Perks on Amazon

Prime users can participate in the profile-customer-only program if unlocked. This is a program for getting coupons.

Users can also get access to Amazon Dash Button - a connected to Wi-Fi button. Just one push will order pre-recorded items and you’ll get them asap. Each button is connected to one item and this can be set up in the special app. This feature of Amazon pet store is extremely helpful when your pet’s food is running out of stock and you don’t have time to go out and buy some.

In some US cities, customers can order groceries (vegetables, fruits, meat, refrigerated meals) for pets with such buttons.


How to Get Started?

  1. Go to and choose ‘Pet Supplies’ from the departments’ list. Next, select ‘Pet Profile’ in the top horizontal menu.

  2. Select your pet type.

  3. Enter your pet’s name, breed and age. The age section is available only for cats and dogs.
  4. Add your pet’s picture to his/her Amazon profile. You can skip this step if you don’t want to upload images.

Done! Your fluffy friend’s Amazon pet profile is complete!


The following page will suggest the most suitable products for your pet. If you’re a Prime user, look for your one-time 20% discount.


Closing Thoughts

Most animal owners treat pets like their family members, so Amazon with their animal profiles make sure that everything for pet care can be ordered as fast as possible. Sure, this feature is going to drive more sales to Amazon and more opportunities for pet owners. The fact is that pet lovers can order food and accessories for their fluffy friends without any hassle.