How to Boost Prime Day Sales


Amazon Prime Day has become one of the major shopping events. Discounts running for 36 hours (or even more) are a great chance to sell your old inventory and get dozens of new customers. Sellers and vendors can take part in this great Prime Day. Everyone anticipating this day in 2019, so let’s get ready for it in advance and learn what and how should be done.


This quick how-to will help you collect lots of traffic and make your product visible among all the others.


1. Create Bargain Discounts on Amazon

Customers strive to find bargains on Amazon Prime Day. Even in case you have missed creating promos for this day on Amazon, you can create coupons exclusively for Prime Day. Coupons are a great tool for attracting shoppers, as promo coupons are visible across Amazon pages:

  • Search results (organic).
  • Product detail pages.
  • Sponsored ads in search results.
  • Brand stores, custom landings.
  • The ‘Main Deals’ Amazon page.


Vendors can create coupons by visiting the ‘Merchandising’ tab and ‘Coupons’. Individual sellers should go to the ‘Advertising’ tab and select ‘Coupons’. No matter how you cooperate with Amazon - as a seller or as a vendor - you need to select products which will be eligible for selling at a discount, and set % of the discount.


Here are some things to keep in mind if you are going to use coupons on Amazon Prime Day:

  • A coupon is active 2 days after its creation.
  • You set the budget and specify the discount according to it.
  • Amazon charges a $0.50 fee for coupon redemption.


2. Use Amazon Ads to Boost Visibility

PPC campaigns with sponsored product ads helps make your items more visible, as ads appear in the top of search results. PPC can be used to make more visible:

  • Your discount coupons.
  • Lightning Deals.
  • Deal of the Day.


Amazon brand store and Headline search ads are useful on Amazon Prime Day as well.

You can send shoppers either to your brand store or to your custom landing page with the chosen promo products.

Also, leverage the overage with using external resources (newsletter, social media, and so on), as additional traffic can be driven from these places.



3. Optimize Listings

Or make sure they are already optimized. This affects your CTR, searchability, and finally, your conversion rate.

We have a detailed article about how to optimize listings. Check it out and be ready for the Prime Day in advance!

In short, listings consist of 7 basic elements which can be improved to attract shoppers’ attention:

  1. Product title
  2. Key features
  3. Images and photos
  4. Detailed description
  5. Reviews
  6. Keywords
  7. Overall rating

We have tips for optimizing each of them, so the article we are linking to for learning more.


4. Optimize PPCs and Their Performance

Your PPC campaigns’ performance can greatly impact Prime Day sales. Make some adjustments to be sure that your sponsored ads perform the best way:

  • Increase CPC bids and budgets. Activate them and get more impressions with new budgets. You can even increase them to the maximum.
  • Create new sponsored ads campaigns for those products which have not been advertised yet. Nevertheless, if you are focusing on the Amazon Prime Day, better focus on products which are you going to sell out during this event. Otherwise, PPC will help you increase brand awareness across the internet.
  • Define your daily budget for Prime Day. It can differ from your average budgets and this is normal.
  • Optimize keywords for your PPC: research new words and phrases, work with negative keywords, add and remove words which work well and not.