All Questions about Amazon Prime Student


Amazon Prime Student offers discounts for students so they don’t need to pay the full Prime fee. Students can get a 6-month trial which contains all the benefits of regular Prime membership. After Amazon Prime Student trial ends, students can get a Prime Student account which costs only 50% of regular Prime account.


This allows students to get school supplies in time and be ready to learn productively any time. And saved cash can be spent on other students’ needs.


What Is Amazon Prime Student Membership?

This is a special Prime subscription for college students. There are US and UK versions of the Prime Student program.

The trial includes six months of full Prime membership that includes all its benefits. Still, some services like music streaming or unlimited reading may be unavailable during the trial period. After the trial ends, students get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, just without the opportunity of sharing their account with others.


The best news for students is that this kind of membership is available at a 50% discount.

The subscription can be canceled any time and the membership can be restored as well.



Requirements for Joining Amazon Prime Student in the US

Amazon double-checks all people who join the program, and they have a list of Amazon Prime Student requirements:

  • One must have an account on Amazon. You can create an account at any time.
  • Once must enroll at least one class at a university or college.
  • The school must be in the US (50 states, Puerto Rico or District of Columbia).
  • One must have a ‘.edu’ email to verify you are a student.
  • Amazon may request proofs that you are a student any time, while you don’t need any proofs when starting your Amazon Prime Student subscription.
  • In case you don’t provide proofs, Amazon may claim reimbursements from you, so you’ll have to pay the full price for all the benefits of Prime.


Amazon Prime Student in the UK

The requirements for Amazon Prime Student membership in the UK is similar to the US program. Still, there are several differences.

  • One needs an Amazon account to start. A user is also required to be 18+ years old.
  • One has to learn in one of the educational institutions on the UK or Ireland territory.
  • Amazon may ask for proofs any time.
  • One needs a valid ‘.edu’ or ‘’ email address.


How to Get Amazon Prime Student?

  1. First, sign up or sign into your Amazon account.
  2. Select ‘Start your trial’.
  3. Enter the school email address and specify the year of your graduation. This will be the time when your Amazon Prime Student membership will end. UK students have also to add data about their academic level, payment method, subjects one is studying.
  4. Get an email message to your mailbox and complete the process by following the instructions from this message.
  5. Verify your address and start your 6-month trial of using Amazon Prime Student benefits.

Here is a sign-up page, so feel free to take advantage of using Prime services at a great discount right now!


If you DON’T have a ‘.edu’ or ‘’ email, you still can use Prime services as a student.

In the US, you just have to prove that you are studying in a college or university. Documentation can be sent to Ensure that your payment data is correct before sending your proofs to Amazon.


What to add to the email?

You should add scans, screenshots or photos of the following:

  • Your student ID with its expiration date and ID number.
  • A class list showing your name and your school name.
  • Tuition bill with your name and your school name.
  • Acceptance letter with an enrollment date.


For the UK, the process is the same. You can get an Amazon Prime Student membership without special emails. The address to send your documents is You have to send them the following:

  • NUS Extra card or NUS Apprentice Extra card with the expiration date and your name on it.
  • Student status on official school paper with your name, address, details of the course, dates of start and future graduation.
  • Tuition bill with your name and your school name.
  • Tuition invoice with your name and your school name.
  • Acceptance letter with your name, address, details of the course, dates of start and future graduation.


Amazon will check all the proofs and decide whether you will be eligible for Amazon Prime Student membership. They usually answer in 3-5 business days and send a link for signing up. Keep in mind that this link expires in 14 days, so don’t wait too long and sign up quickly. Still, you can apply for Amazon Prime Student verification once again any time.



Benefits of Amazon Prime (and Amazon Prime Student)

In fact, there is not much difference between regular Prime and Prime Student. Subscribers get 1-2-day delivery and other fast delivery benefits. They also get access to unlimited video and music streaming. Here is an extensive list of these benefits:

  • Free 2-hour delivery with Prime Now.
  • Unlimited storage for photos with Prime Photos.
  • Low-priced household products for you and your pets delivered for a fee of $5.99 with Prime Pantry.
  • Unlimited streaming and exclusive TV series with Prime Instant Video (this option is absent in the trial version but present in the full version).
  • Unlimited access to music and millions of songs with Prime Music (this option is absent in the trial version but present in the full version).
  • Discounts for video games.
  • 30-minutes early access to sales on Lightning deals or
  • Free access to new books with Kindle First.
  • Access to Kindle Lending Library (this option is absent in the trial version but present in the full version).




As you see, Amazon Prime Student benefits look great and why not to try using its benefits? The cost of participation is $59 per year which means $6.49 per month. What’s more, don’t forget about a FREE 6-month trial.

If you don’t have an Amazon account, sign up now and see how Prime works.