Amazon Prime Wardrobe


Every shopper is afraid of situations when one orders an outfit from an online store, and after a few days realizes that the closing does not fit. To avoid such unpleasant situations, Amazon has launched their special program called ‘Prime Wardrobe’ for personalized shopping. This program allows customers to try on an outfit at their homes and find out which closing is suitable, and which one has to be sent back to Amazon. You might have already heard about similar programs like Le Tote, Trunk Club or Stitch Fix.

The main difference between Amazon Wardrobe for Prime users and other personalized shopping programs is you can pick up what you want and don’t rely on a stylist who searches clothing for you.

We already know that customers enjoy personalized shopping and this is a proven concept. So, how do prime users respond to it? Is there enough enthusiasm?

Let’s learn more about Amazon’s special Prime wardrobe program and how Amazon wardrobe works.



What Is Amazon Wardrobe?

The program is exclusive for Prime users. You can try any eligible item before buying: women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, accessories and shoes.

Amazon gives shoppers 7 days to try the products, after this period, they will charge you for the items you want to keep. Others will be sent back to Amazon.

It was announced last summer and in this short period of time, Amazon enabled this feature for Prime users. Every Amazon Prime member can subscribe to a 30-day trial or pay a membership in the club. Prime Student users can get even a 6-month trial. If you want to learn more about the program, Prime wardrobe cost and how to use it, visit this page.

Bear in mind that members who have Video-only subscriptions and invited other members to get only shipping benefits don’t have access to this Amazon Prime clothing box.


How Does Amazon Wardrobe Work?

Let’s explore the program and take a look at the ordering process. For advanced Amazon users it will be a piece of cake, but if you are a newbie in this marketplace, please look at our how-to manual and you won’t have any problems in using Amazon Prime wardrobe!


1. Adding Amazon Prime wardrobe products to your cart.

Prime users can add from 3 to 8 things with the ‘Prime wardrobe’ icon to the cart. Note, you can’t order 2 same items at a time (of the same size and color). There is also no minimum order in Prime wardrobe, so you can order any items of any price.


2. Place your order.

The checkout will happen separately from other usual checkouts. Still, the whole process is similar and familiar to every Amazon user.

You should keep in mind that you can’t order several Wardrobe boxes at a time. Amazon won’t ship you another box if they see that you already have one in the process. They will send you the next box once you finish your previous order and return things to them.


3. Wait for the order delivery.

Orders from Amazon Prime wardrobe usually arrive in 4-6 business days. It commonly takes more time than super-fast Amazon Prime shipping, so treat this as a separate program and have patience.

Once your products arrive, Amazon gives you a 7-day trial period to try-on those items and decide what are you going to keep and what will be sent back to Amazon.



4. Check out and decide what are you going to keep.

Visit Your Orders on Amazon in the 7-day period and mark items which are you going to keep. Remember that you can check out once and can’t change anything after your decision is made.

What if you have marked something by accident? Here are the solutions:

  • If you marked something you want to return as an item you want to keep, visit Amazon’s Online Return Center.
  • If you marked return on an item you want to keep, just keep this item and Amazon will charge its price from you when they find out that the item was not returned to the warehouse.

If you don’t manage to mark items after a 7-day period, you will be charged a full price for the order.



5. Return items you are not going to keep.

Items that you decided not to buy have to be placed to an Amazon Prime Wardrobe bag or box, Use a return label to close those bag or box. You can send all the items via UPS drop off location.

You are also not allowed to wear clothes anywhere but at home. Only if you are going to buy an item, you can wear them outside. All items have to be returned with tags and in the original bags or boxes. Clothing has to be undamaged, unworn, unused, and unwashed.

Amazon assesses the condition of returned items according to their return policy. If the company notices that you have done something to the clothing and it can’t be returned, they will ship the items back to you and charge the full price for them.


6. Confirm the return.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe will send you an email once the items arrive at Amazon’s warehouse. You can track the status of your return here.


Prime Wardrobe FAQ

1. Are there any discounts for Prime Wardrobe users?

Amazon sometimes extends their discounts to Prime Wardrobe users. In case Amazon is running a Wardrobe promo and there appears another (a better) discount while you are checking out, you will get this better discount.

Though you can’t combine several discounts for one order, Amazon will always offer you the best option.



2. Are there different membership types?

The Amazon Prime Wardrobe program is offered to all Prime members:

  • Paid Amazon Prime.
  • Prime Trial memberships (30 days).
  • Prime Student.
  • Student trial memberships (6 months).
  • Members of Prime students’ households.


3. How can I pay for my Wardrobe order?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe accepts credit cards which expire in more that 90 days in future. Prepaid cards, debit cards or gift cards can’t be accepted.

You can change your payment methods in your account. If you don’t have enough funds and Amazon is not able to charge the necessary sum from you, your account may be banned.