The Best Practices of Amazon Product Inserts


Hey, people!

Have you ever heard about the importance of packaging and inserts?

Many Amazon entrepreneurs don't think of packaging and inserts as of something useful, but they should do it, and here I'll tell you about the reasons why is it so.

The short list of things you'll learn:

1. How can packaging help with:

  • getting your brand registered,
  • boosting click-through rate,
  • expanding new channels for sales,
  • reducing negative reviews and claims,
  • getting positive feedback and additional sales.

2. How can insert be used for:

  • decreasing the number of poor reviews
  • growing your rate of positive ones.

amazon product inserts image7

Some points, especially product reviews, need a special attention since Amazon changed their ToS in 2016.

First and foremost, keep in mind that people will see your packaging and inserts obligatory. If you make them outstanding, it will tell them about you as an outstanding seller. It's a customer experience that everybody like.


Increasing sales with Brand registry

Seller Central says that there are the following benefits:

  • You can control your listing more precisely, including titles, images and other details.
  • You may specify another unique identifier for the branded products instead of a usual ID (EAN, UPC, JAN).

But these are not the only benefits.

By registering your brand, your listings will be prevented from modifying by others. And the buy box will be always your, as there is no competition.

There's also an opportunity of creating enhanced listings, it's a new feature available only for registered brands.

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Just after proceeding the brand registry, you can upgrade the descriptions, enhance images. It's something that helps in reducing risks and growing sales.

Is packaging important for brand registry?

Yes, it is,  and it's also one of the main criteria for registering your brand. Amazon needs a photo of your packaging with the brand logo or name visible.

So, it means that you won't be able to use some poly bags with an ASIN on it, as some private label Amazon sellers do (I know it!). Of course, such attitude saves costs, but it's not so outstanding as really awesome packaging.

amazon product inserts image8

It means that you should have nice design and photos. Hire a professional for doing that, if you want.

Here are some examples of nice packaging

A pair of silicone gloves for barbecue is inside this product packaging. The brand is shown on a noticeable position at the top, above the name of the product itself: Barbecue gloves.

amazon product inserts image3

Why is it so important? You need to communicate with your potential customers as fast as you can. If your client doesn't understand what he will get, he won't buy your product.

Listing the main product features is another clever step. They all have quite prominent position on the packaging box.

amazon product inserts image11

Now you see how can a couple of moment affect your sales greatly.

How can package grow click-through rate and sales?

Remember your last visit to any retail store. For example, you are in some supermarket and looking for a product. You see 10 things that suit you.

Which product would you buy finally? I bet it would be the one with eye-catching packaging. Why is it so? Usually, products with good packaging look like high-quality ones. It's a great part of clients' decision making. So, there are more chances that an item with nice good looking packaging will be bought.


Research of your competitors

Let's go back to Amazon.

Before deciding what design your packaging will have, search for the keywords that will be in your listing and see what competitors offer. Use both generic and broad keywords. Pay attention to which colors your competitors use, which of them look most attractive.

Dive deeper into these questions and overcome your competitors. Here is an example, let's look for 'meat shredding claws'.

amazon product inserts image9

When you analyze the results of the search carefully, you'll see that all claws are black and their shape is nearly the same.

How can you stand out?

Look at the item picture below. This seller not just changed the color to red, but he also created an eye-catching clear packaging with the large phrase 'meat claws' at its front. It's also included to the main image.

amazon product inserts image12

When searching, you'll surely pay attention to this product, cause:

  1. The item is standing out with the help of its color,
  2. A nicely made packaging included to the image,
  3. The descriptive words are readable and noticeable, as they displayed prominently.

So, this method of competitors  research is aimed at making your product more attractive for potential clients. They will surely notice it. Your sales will grow!


Expand your sales channels with packaging

As I've already mentioned above, some Amazon sellers have a bad habit of packing their products in cheap poly bags and simply print a barcode on it.

However, it's not the thing that will let you to increase your sales and the business value in future. It's so because Amazon codes won't work in case you decide to expand your sales channels. And a UPC sticker glued to a poly bag will look unprofessional for sure. So, better order packaging with UPCs printed on it, and Amazon codes can be printed on adhesive labels and glues above your UPCs.

amazon product inserts image5

Using packaging for preventing negative feedback

In fact, many Amazon buyers are sure that they buy from Amazon itself, not realizing that there is a business owner behind the deal. Due to this fact they expect very high quality, the same high to a retail purchase.

If you don't want to invest money in packaging like some sellers, you may face some abnormal frustrating outcomes.

In the best scenario, it will affect your reviews. You ranking will fall and the number of sales will go down either. Just think, how many new sales you could get, if you wasn't greedy and paid for a nice packaging your products.

What about a long-term outcome, you increase a chance to receive an in-authenticity problem. This can cause the Amazon account suspension, so be very careful and better don't risk.

Using packaging for getting positive feedback and improving customer experience

Think what if you were a client... One product you've ordered comes in a cheap poly bag, while another one comes in a well designed cardboard packaging. Which one would you like more?

I know the answer to this question already.

So, this way, a customer may:

  • tell his friends about a better product with a nicer packaging;
  • write positive reviews for that product;
  • this will increase the seller's rank in search results.

You can find an excellent packaging example on the pictures below. It's tied with a strong and wonderful customer experience. And the phrase on the box is very pleasant, while you can find some instructions inside it. Great!

amazon product inserts image2
amazon product inserts image1


Product inserts

I want to start with what is not allowed to use as product inserts. Sometimes, people have not the best thoughts on inserts, as many Amazon sellers cheat and push the Amazon ToS lines while using them. For example, they can include some other websites or ask to write a positive review.

Non-complaint product inserts

You can see an example of such insert below:

amazon product inserts image10

This is prohibited by the renewed ToS from October 2016. Amazon doesn't allow providing compensation for reviews. This includes discounts and free products as well.

Interacting product inserts

So, what inserts are not against ToS and will bring you benefit? Look at the example from the gloves we've already seen earlier:

amazon product inserts image6

This seller focuses on 2 main things:

  • He reminds a buyer of why he has bought this item. It's like a reminder about 5 differentiators of these gloves. This will surely reduce client's remorse.
  • Another smart thing is asking a customer about his satisfaction level from this purchase and offering any assistance, if a client has some issues.

You see, this seller tries to solve any possible problems prior to getting negative reviews which could have a destroying impact on his Amazon business.



You see, packaging and inserts can both boost and harm your business on Amazon. It's up to you to decide whether you have to invest in them and get more sales. Anyway, improving customer experience is always appreciated by clients and Amazon itself!

Good luck! ;)

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