Amazon Seller Registration: To-Do List


So, you have decided to sell on Amazon, but don’t know how to start? This article is going to shed the light on your beginner’s questions. We will cover the topic of starting your own business and setting up all the processes. You will discover how much does it cost to have an online shop on the Amazon platform. After that, we’ll check all the steps of registering as an Amazon seller.


How to Start a Business on Amazon

Actually, there is no specific way of starting one. Even if you have 10+ years of experience of selling on Amazon, there are a lot of new things to learn every year. Still, there are some common things for all newbie sellers and they can start a business in three simple steps:

  1. Select a product which you want to sell. We have articles on how to choose a product that will be both easy to sell and profitable.
  2. Register as an Amazon seller. Then register your “business”. It shouldn’t be a large corporation, any individual shop is still a business.
  3. Add your products. List them after the registration and wait for your customers.

Looks simple and it is not so hard according to our experience. Let’s continue with answering other frequently asked question.


How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

This is fast and simple. First of all, visit

amazon registration image1

2. Go to the page bottom and find the “Start Selling on Amazon today” line.
Сlick the “Selling on Amazon” button.

amazon registration image2

3. Choose your seller account type
Amazon offers you 2 options: selling as an individual seller (up to 40 products per month) or having a professional account (30 products per month or more). For choosing the second option, press the orange button at the top.

amazon registration image3

4. Type in your email address and click on ‘Create a New Account’, then press ‘Continue’.

amazon registration image4

5. Enter your information and set up your own password.

amazon registration image5

6. Read the Amazon seller agreement and other information.
Type in your business’ name to agree with the terms of service.

amazon registration image6

7. Type in all the information about your business.
Your address, phone number, etc. Once you’re done, verify you’are not a bot.

amazon registration image7

8. Configure your billing settings
The card number is necessary for advertising or for getting a professional account. Your bank account details are needed for sending you funds for your sales.

9. Finishing the registration.
You may also set up two-step verification, but after all, you can finally visit and log in to your Seller Central.

amazon registration image8


How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

You won’t spend any money while registering a seller account but additional services will be of different prices. If you decide to act as an individual seller, you will have to pay fees. Amazon is a business too and they need to monetize what they do. So, here is a list of Amazon fees (all of them are charged after successful sales, not in advance)”

  • Referral fees are kind of commission for sales made on Amazon’s platform. Usually, it is around 15% of the product’s price. Still, the exact percentage depends on the category.
  • An individual seller fee is $0.99 for any seller and any product.
  • FBA fees. If you use FBA, you have to pay for that service as Amazon ships and handles your products. It is usually around $3 for small products and depends on the weight and size.
  • Additional fees. They depend on your product and can include storage fees, media fees and costs for advertising.


What else is necessary to know about Amazon?

As long as your Amazon journey has just begun, there is lots to learn and plenty of fascinating things to discover. We recommend you reading articles about overall benefits of working on Amazon, best sellers rank or BSR, FBA and private label businesses.

So, as you see, registering as an Amazon seller is pretty simple, but becoming a successful seller is a long way and it is you who can make it. Read the basics, select a nice product and grow together with your business and the profit!