Amazon FBA Reimbursement Opportunities

There are a lot of things that affect sellers’ margins on Amazon. Cost of products, packaging, shipping, assistants or software are included in the list of what is crucial for every online business. There is one more point that is often underestimated by beginners, that is Amazon’s error.

We won’t argue that FBA is a brilliant opportunity for small businesses, and you already know about the fees. If you don’t check out our article on this topic. Still, no one wants to pay more than they owe. Let’s spread the light on what errors are there on Amazon and how Amazon reimbursement policy works.


FBA Errors Eligible for Amazon Reimbursement

Here are errors for which you can claim reimbursement:

Products damaged or lost in one of Amazon warehouses
Amazon tries their best to take care of sellers’ items, but sometimes, there are accidents when workers can break, drop or misplace boxes. This happens with no purpose, and Amazon is ready to compensate these inconveniences.

Products destroyed without sellers’ permission
Amazon destroys unsellable items. They may be damaged by a shipping company or a customer. In any case, the item can not be sold again and Amazon is ready to pay for it. It is recommended to check destroyed things in your seller account, as sometimes, Amazon doesn’t refund them automatically.

Restocking uncredited fee
In case of some returns, a restocking fee (20%f the product cost) should be charged from a customer. You will be owed this fee if your item is successfully back to the warehouse. If you have not received it, contact a refund manager and get your money back.

Additional refunds received by a customer
There are situations when a refund is larger than the original customer payment. Lucky customers, aren’t they? However, this additional refund to a customer has to be paid by Amazon, not by a seller. You can claim your FBA reimbursement in case you noticed that.

Debited and never returned orders
Amazon returns money to customers prior to their actual returning of products. This is great for shoppers, but what about Amazon sellers? They can lose money, so if your product is not returned to the warehouse and you don’t also see your funds for this product, contact a reimbursement manager.

Items damaged or lost on the way to the warehouse
You can claim an FBA reimbursement if a carrier responsible of delivering your goods to the Amazon warehouse has lost or damages your products (all of them or part of them).

Customer got a replacement and didn’t return the original item
This point is somehow similar to the 5th one. Customers receive their replacement orders right away, and only after that, they need to send the original item to Amazon. If they don’t, Amazon will return funds to a seller.

Deduced stock due to closed shipment
Those who keep an eye on their shipping queue may notice some issues with closed shipments. For example, you shipped 50 products to Amazon, they received everything but deduced 18 from the count.

Returned items don’t come back to your FBA account
This often happens when several sellers work with the same product. Amazon can accidentally add your product to the inventory of another seller. In this case, you can claim for a reimbursement or ask a manager to find your product and add it to your inventory.

Returns damaged by Amazon or carrier
In any case, Amazon compensates your losses, just contact a reimbursement manager on Amazon.

Overcharged commissions
Amazon has various commissions for different categories. If you have noticed that you are overcharged (and paying 15% instead of 8% can be quite unpleasant), claim your reimbursement.

Orders overcharged by dimensions and weight
Customers may complain about too high shipping costs, however, it is not a problem of a FBA seller. This is an Amazon error that should be fixed by them.

Reimbursements are not shown
Amazon says that your FBA reimbursements are already on your account, but you don’t see them on your end.

Amazon doesn’t show restocked items
This point is the same as the previous one. Amazon tells you that the item is restocked, but it is not shown in your inventory.

Removal order is not fulfilled
There may be specific reasons why sellers request removal orders. Amazon tracks every product and is ready to reimburse the funds for not received inventory to a seller.


Most Frequent Errors with Amazon FBA reimbursement

You see that there is plenty of possible issues, but there are three problems with reimbursement Amazon FBA sellers come across most often:

  • Lost or damaged products was recognized but its cost was not reimbursed to a seller.
  • An item was not placed back to seller’s inventory.
  • A customer was credited for the item return but did not return the product actually.


What to Do to Receive FBA Inventory Reimbursement

Though this may seem a bit difficult and time-consuming, you should protect your rights and we hope your efforts will bring your funds back.

Go to Seller Central and find reports in ‘Inventory Adjustments’. Save them as an Excel file and don’t forget to make sure that nothing is missed. Review the later dates to ensure that it is a real Amazon error, not just a slight delay. After this, you can see what is lacking and claim your Amazon FBA reimbursement from a manager.