Amazon Removal Order Fees


As you might already understand, we are now going to discuss fees for the return and disposal of FBA inventory. If you are an FBA seller, this information is crucial for you.

What Is FBA Removal?

According to Amazon, these fees are charged per one removed item. Usually, such removal orders are closed within two weeks or 10-14 business days. In some specific cases, removal order processing may last up to 30 business days or more. For example, this can happen during holidays and peak periods of FBA removals (February and March, August and September).


Here are some details about the removal process itself. You may submit a removal order in one of the following ways:


Sometimes, Amazon can’t process removal orders for the reasons:

  • The order for this item is being already processed by one of your customers.
  • The item is scheduled for removal.
  • It is being shipped to some other warehouse or fulfillment center.

There are also some specific restrictions, check them out to be sure that you actually CAN remove your items.


Amazon Removal Order Fees

The fees for the return and disposal of FBA inventory depending on the product size.


Standard-size (per item)

Oversize (per item)








10% of the proceeds

10% of the proceeds


Size and Amazon Removal Fees

As we mentioned, fees for the return and disposal of FBA inventory, as well as for long-term storage on Amazon, depend on the size of your products. Here is the table of dimensions.

Maximum dimensions for items with packages:

Product size tier


Longest side

Median side

Shortest side

Length + girth

Small standard-size

12 oz

15 inches

12 inches

0.75 inch


Large standard-size

20 lb

18 inches

14 inches

8 inches


Small oversize

70 lb

60 inches

30 inches


130 inches

Medium oversize

150 lb

108 inches



130 inches

Large oversize

150 lb

108 inches



165 inches

Special oversize*

Over 150 lb

Over 108 inches



Over 165 inches


Transactions of Removal Order

Sellers are charged a fee only after their orders are removed or disposed of. Once this is done, a removal transaction appears in your Payments report. Here is how to find your transactions:

  1. Open the Transaction View tab in ‘Payments’.
  2. Go to ‘Services fees’ that can be found in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the date range in the ‘Within’ menu.
  4. Click on the ‘Update’ button.
  5. See ‘Product details’, and select just transactions with the ‘FBA Removal Order’ label. There, you’ll also see the date of processing your removal order. Also, find the Amazon fee in the next column.

You now know how to measure the size of your product to calculate Amazon removal order fees for them.