Amazon 3rd Party Return Policy


You might have already heard about the changes in Amazon return policy, so let’s see what is important about that. What does Amazon say about their return policy?
According to the official website, any item shipped from Amazon warehouses can be returned in 30 days. There are exceptions for products from different categories, which can be found here. This applies both to Amazon products and third-party items (FBA).


How Does Amazon Return & Refund Work?

This is how the process works for customers. As we mentioned earlier, any item can be returned within 30 days via Online Returns Center. Usually, an item reaches the warehouse in up to 25 days. After it is received in the warehouse, Amazon needs 2 more business days to start the refund, so you will get the money back in 3-5 days.


Amazon 3rd party Return Policy

When a seller fulfills the order himself, which means that not Amazon but a third-party seller ships the order, the return is sent to this seller. The majority of online business owners try to follow Amazon’s return policy, however, in some cases, their policies can vary.
It is recommended to check out the return policy of third-party sellers on Amazon before making a purchase. You can view that in the Online Returns Center.

So, a 3rd party seller has to provide an address for returns in the US, a return label, or offer a refund without the return of the product. In case there are no such options, customers have a possibility of filing an ‘A-to-Z’ guarantee and ask Amazon to help them, what is not a good sign for a seller.

Important information for sellers!
What is crucial to know about Amazon third party return policy and refunds is that if you are shipping a product outside the US and its value is of $100+, this shipment should be ensured. Products that cost $35 and more have to be returned with a trackable service. If the cost is less than $35, USPS may be used.
In case a customer sends his/her return with no tracking number, and the delivery fails, he/she wouldn’t be able to use ‘A-to-Z’ guarantee.


Basic Changes in Amazon Return Policy

  • Sellers can’t accept returns as Amazon does. Customers use a return shipping label in the Online Return Center. The product has to be shipped back to the seller with a carrier who provides tracking.
  • There is no additional buyer-seller interaction regarding returns. Everything is managed in Seller Central.
  • Sellers have to refund their customers in 2 business days. If you don’t do that, Amazon will automatically get a refund from your account.
  • The cost or return shipping fully falls under your responsibility.
  • You can open disputes on returns with Amazon but not with your customers.

So, the recent changes of Amazon third party return policy and third-party sellers refund are not very dramatic. Amazon does everything to provide customers with the best experience, and these changes are aimed at coming closer to the perfect experience.