Why Do Amazon Reviews Disappear


Private label merchants are usually very attentive to the reviews they receive. As we have already told in our previous article, product reviews and seller feedback are essential for Amazon, they define whether a seller will be in the top or not. Customers nearly always read them, so smart sellers strive to provide the best customer experience to receive positive feedback only.


If you are attentive to your reviews too, you might have noticed that some of them have disappeared. This article will shed light on why reviews disappear. There are 3 reasons for that. So, if you notice that your Amazon reviews disappeared, you’ll know what to do.


1. Violation of Community Guidelines

Amazon marketplace has strict guidelines for both sellers and shoppers. All reviews are checked to see whether they are compliant with these rules. While sellers study rules carefully to know what is allowed and what’s not, customers are not so attentive to the guidelines.

All shoppers are offered to view tips or guidelines while creating a review, but very few of them read the rules.

Here are some common moments when people violate Amazon review guidelines:

  • Revealing private data (seller’s address or phone number).
  • Using obscene content or language.
  • Adding links to other websites.
  • Impersonating people.
  • Supporting illegal activity.
  • Violating intellectual property of other people.
  • Posting reviews for a reward.


Still, these are just a couple of points, in fact, Amazon’s review guidelines are more vast. Check them out here.


Amazon review system has an algorithm which checks whether reviews are genuine and don’t contain any improper content. Sometimes, community members can flag inappropriate feedback by clicking on the ‘Report abuse’ button. They can also send an email to Amazon to community-help@amazon.com, if a review violates Amazon guidelines but the algorithm hasn’t removed it automatically.


2. Buyers Remove Reviews

Customers on Amazon are allowed to change or delete their reviews. According to Amazon review guidelines, there is no time restriction for that. So, a customer can remove Amazon review even if several months from the purchase pass.

This point is true mostly for products which have a long consumption cycle. You can get to your reviews and notice that some of them have completely disappeared. There is a possibility that shoppers have retracted their reviews. Maybe they have received negative experience after some time of using your product, or it didn’t live long, or it broke after a couple of months of usage.


In any case, sellers should keep in mind that shoppers can remove Amazon reviews any time. So, don’t be surprised if your Amazon reviews disappear due to this reason.


3. Amazon Separates Review

When it comes to Amazon reviews disappearing, the company has one more thing to do. They have very strict rules for creating new pages with product details. As it is said on the official website, sellers can’t create identical pages for different products. Amazon keeps an eye on various products listed as the same one.

When the company notices that someone has listed different products as the same ones, they separate pages and reviews. At least, Amazon doesn’t delete one product and listing, they just move reviews to another place.

So, you can find your disappeared reviews on a new page.