4 Things for Preparing for the Q4 Rush


I can hardly believe that the 4th quarter is nearly here!

So, soon it will be the biggest season for Amazon sellers. It is always better to be prepared for it, as I remember the times when I started too late and sold just 3 different things. It was my first Q4, so I wasn't prepared for it properly. People bought them faster than I managed to deliver to warehouses. Thanks to the chance, I've ordered products from China before, so my warehouses were not empty when people rushed to buy everything. Years passed, and I still remember that late start for my first Q4.

You may not believe the fact that November and December sales generate 50% of the annual income. It's true! Sometimes sales even get out any possible control.

I bet every FBA seller clearly understands that he needs to have a certain number of items on the warehouse before the real rush starts. It makes the whole sales process smooth, as you are ready to deal with all that purchases.

In October, things go in the common way, and in November, you'll notice how your products fly off the shelves. So you have to make sure that you're ready for that.

I'll start with a short Q4 quide on preparing for the November-December sales rush. You should be ready to the sales increasing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas.

But before we start, I need to mention one thing you shouldn't do. Don't stock up on toys with the hope that they will become more expensive. This usually leads to losses and disappointment, not to profits. It is the fact from my own experience and you don't need to make the same mistakes to learn this lesson.

There is no exact way to know what will be the season's Hot item until the sales start and people will rush to buy something.

And now, sit back and read the tips I've prepared for you! I hope that they will help you to  make great profits at the end of this year!


4 points you should do to get prepared for the Q4 rush

Check if there are enough items in stock and order more, if it isn't

Surely, the idea of getting all those products in stock during one month at the end of the year seems crazy! Better spend some time in autumn and stock up during the early months (September and October). This way, you'll spend less time packing your items later, and you won't lose time for waiting the shipment to arrive. It will be already on the warehouse!

Keeping package such as poly bags in stock is a nice idea. Make sure you have different sizes of them.

I bet you'll need a ton of such bags during Q4, as lots of toys need to be packaged.

Even if you're not allowed to sell in the 'Grocery', 'Health & Beauty' or similar categories, or if you haven't created a bundle before, check what other sellers do. See which bundles they offer. Do the same thing! Check if you have got supplies for packing them.

You'll need a whole variety of different box sizes during Q4, but better stock up in boxes of the larger size, for example, 20x20x20. It is useful for selling large items. For instance, Max Tow trucks were popular a couple of years ago, and you should be ready for such situations.

Remember that you should limit your box size to nearly 25 inches, other way your items will fall into the oversize category with additional fees charged.

During the 4th quarter, you'll need to merchant fulfill orders more frequently, as sales of popular products will grow dramatically.

Organize your workspace and office

The second most important thing you should prepare for Q4 is your workspace. Make sure you'll be able to work quickly and efficiently. Take a day to check whether your workspace is functional. Maybe you should even change it to another one!

I don't mean you should have a clean desk, as every person has his own working style and you know how it's comfortable to work for you. Just make sure that you can do everything as fast as possible, when you get hundreds of orders.

One useful tip is: ensure you can reach everything you need from your usual seat. Think about where your computer, notes, printer, and other things will be on your desk.

Surely, you'll have to pack products in a different place, but you can systematize all the things here as well. Check if the things are easy to reach. You will be very surprised with how many time you'll save by doing these easy steps!

Sell now and don't wait for 'the best' season

Lots of Amazon sellers want to collect more items in stock to sell them for the higher price later, but it's advisable to do the opposite.

Sell them now! You shouldn't sit on your capital, you should grow it! We can't be sure what is going to happen next, so probably, some product won't be popular. What are you waiting for? Sell it! if the prices grow later, it's great! But what if they don't? Selling all the time is a nice idea.

Think of how much cash you can make by selling these items now. This way, you'll earn more money to invest them in the Q4 rush later. It's much better than sitting back all the late summer hoping that things would go well in November.

Selling items earlier will give you a complete picture of what is popular on the market and what is worth investing. This knowledge will give you an opportunity to triple your investments during the late fall and early winter.

By the way, this point works in any business, as capital doesn't bring any profit while it is saved in one safe place. Make your money work for earning more money!

Watch the market trends

Visit different stores you haven't visited before. Go to Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and other places where toys are sold. Learn their layout and examine different sections. It will save you time when you'll come here once more for getting new ideas.

Read weekly circulars from that stores, get familiar with brands and trends. Find unique ideas and recognize 'Hot toys'.

Do online researches on this question. Look on Amazon for some fresh bundle ideas and learn what was popular in the past seasons.

Be careful with 'one season' products and items that do well during the whole year.