Amazon Shopping Events: Detailed How-To


Amazon has its special shopping events throughout the year. Shopping events are aimed to drive sales and promos. These are events when Amazon promotes everything with marketing activities such as email campaigns.

Sellers get a great chance to increase their brands’ exposure during these Shopping events. Traffic grows during such days, Amazon provides sellers with increased support, and opportunities are enormous. All this can help you grow sales even AFTER Shopping events end.

As for Shopping events, they are seasonal and sellers have to select specific suitable products to sell. Customers are interested in books, toys, gifts, and other similar products during holidays, so as a seller, you have to be ready with them for the holiday season. So, keep in mind this fact while getting ready for one of the Shopping events on Amazon.



If you guess with the product right, you’ll get lots of traffic and future potential customers.


Amazon Shopping Events: When Do They Take Place?

In Seller Central, there is a calendar with the list of upcoming Amazon’s Shopping events, so you can keep an eye on what’s next and what products you need to have in stock.


Here is the calendar for Amazon Shopping events starting from February:



3 of them are highlighted with different colors, which means that they have great traffic and you should get ready for them:

  • Prime Day.
  • Black Friday.
  • Cyber Monday.

If you have something interesting to sell with a discount on these days, be ready for them!


Useful Tips for Amazon Sellers

If you have decided to take part in Amazon’s Shopping events, everything you have to do is to set up your Lightning deal for a chosen event. You might already know how this is done, but if you don’t check out this article we created especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Finally, here are tips for you:


1. Plan your inventory.

You have to be sure that you have enough products in stock. Check your inventory levels and be ready to order more items if you need.
What’s more, the more inventory you have, the more chances to get featured by Amazon you get. Still, don’t forget about Amazon’s storage fees for all that inventory.


2. Choose relevant products for each event

As long as Shopping events are seasonal, make sure that your products will suit the chosen event. Products which fit the best are usually featured in Amazon merchandising.

No one will purchase sunglasses in winter, but everyone will be happy to get a pair during the summer.


3. Use EBC (enhanced brand content)

Conversions are the main goal of every Amazon seller. EBC helps increase them. Add more emotions to your product detail pages and see how it works in Lightning deals.

Here is our manual about how to create the best enhanced content.


4. Increase bids in Sponsored Ads

Tue to the growth of traffic to Amazon, ordinary bids grow as well. So, to make people see your Sponsored products among all others during Amazon Shopping events, you should increase your bids.

Still, this is going to bring you more traffic and more conversions.


5. Increase sales and get reviews

During Amazon Shopping events, you convert more, get more sales. You can ask all your new customers to leave feedback and share their thoughts and impressions with other shoppers. Seller Nexus is ready to help you with that. Our autoresponder can be set up in a couple of minutes thanks to our ready-made templates.
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