How to Become More Successful on Amazon in 2019


The Q1 has almost passed, and many sellers strive to do things better, as a new year means better metrics, better sales. No one wants to go down and that’s why we have created this quick ‘To-do list’ with actionable tips.

Here are 4 ways which are going to make you a more successful Amazon seller in 2019.


1. Update Your Business and The Information about It

  • Did you change your office location?
  • Did you introduce a new business name?
  • Did you hire a new contact person?


So, if you have made some changes which can affect your identity on Amazon, reflect these changes in your information. Be compliant with Amazon rules and keep your information up-to-date.

If you haven’t checked your account information for ages, this is the right time to follow this link and do that now. Sign in, check if everything is okay and make changes if necessary.


Here are the main things which should be checked first of all:

  • Seller account information.
  • Contact information.
  • Notification preferences.
  • Amazon tax interview.


2. Know that Year’s Beginning is Hard

While everyone is used to get tons of sales in Q4, the first quarter of the year, especially January, may be very hard.

Many sellers deal with issues and consequences of Q4 which can be both positive and negative. Even if you face some negative situations, remember that this is another chance to provide your customer with outstanding experience, show them your exceptional service. This will please customers and even those whose packages were damaged (or maybe there were other problems) would write positive reviews for your products and order your items once more in the future.


You should remember 2 things:


3. Know Your Dates, Fees and Taxes

Keeping up with constantly changing Amazon’s rates and fees may be tricky. It is a great idea to check everything once in a quarter of the year.


Here is the list of what you should keep an eye on:


4. Use All Available Resources

Amazon services become smarter and more innovative every season, so there are new opportunities for sellers.



For example:


Don’t forget to use other services for sellers like autoresponders which save time for more important tasks.