Amazon Super URL


Super URL for Amazon sellers helps them get more external traffic to their products, improve certain keywords included in the URL, and widen brand awareness. eCommerce players know that sending external traffic to Amazon products is essential, as this is one more way to drive sales. And Amazon Super URL is a great method to grab users’ attention. Special services allow sellers to create Super URLs and boost ratings and sales with their help.


Super URL for Boosting Rankings

Let’s begin with explaining how Amazon Super URL can be used. On the top of the list is using short URLs for driving external traffic to products.

Here is a short example:

  • First, you launch Facebook ads for your Amazon products.
  • Next, Facebook users click on these ads and open the product page on Amazon.
  • Those users purchase your product from Amazon.



How does this improve your rankings? Simple! The sales increase is considered as a ranking factor on Amazon. The more sales you get, the higher rankings you have. Amazon assumes products with more sales attractive to customers, so they rank such products higher. No matter whether sales are generated by internal or external traffic, Amazon ranks such products higher by relevant keywords.


Keep in mind that only sales are taken into account as if you get tons of clicks with no sales at all - Amazon won’t give you #1 place for that. Your conversion rate will fall and the same will happen to your rankings. Amazon values customer experience and won’t show in the top products which are not sold well.


You may wonder whether sellers can put certain keywords to Amazon’s attention. Yes, they can, that is what Super URL is for.


Good News About Amazon Super URL

What is a Super URL? It is a link for sending potential customers from external resources (Facebook, emails, PPC, etc.) to your product page on Amazon. The difference of Super URL is that this type of links imitates search on Amazon. It works like people could search for your product in the search bar using specific keywords. This is how those keywords are noticed by Amazon. Super URLs specify them as it was a real search.


Using keywords is the main reason why sellers prefer advertising their Super URLs outside Amazon but not regular URLs.

This mechanism is extremely useful for customers, sellers and Amazon itself, as it shows the marketplace which products are more popular among shoppers.


How to Use Super URL?

A link can be placed outside Amazon in any source (blogs, emails, websites, social media, and so on). Customers click on this link and get to the product page, improving rankings by selected keywords and generating sales for your product at the same time.


The link looks like an Amazon short URL, which is attractive to customers.

You just copy-paste them.


Where can Super URL be used?

Many external resources can be used for including your Amazon Super URL:

  • Emails or newsletters.
  • Social media posts (Twitter, Facebook).
  • PPC campaigns in Google or other search engines.
  • Blogs and magazines.
  • Forums or chat rooms.
  • Printed promos, flyers, etc.



However, you should keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t allow manipulating their search algorithm. Super URLs are very close to violating Amazon policy, so be very careful and don’t make it too promotional.


When Using Super URLs Is Beneficial?

  • Product launches. It is sometimes hard for new products to become visible in Amazon search results. If your items appear on the 15th page, no one will find them. Super URLs can boost rankings quickly, so your products will be visible to customers.
  • Short-term advertising campaigns. They help sellers overcome competitors. You may not use Amazon Super URLs all the time. It is a great idea to start such a campaign during holidays to leapfrog your competitors.
  • Getting potential of your shop on Amazon. If your own shop is less profitable than one on Amazon, why not use this? Amazon is one of the greatest marketplaces in the world. It already has millions of regular customers. Few individual sellers with own shops can achieve the same results. Shoppers have an intent to purchase, so if they notice your product, there is a great chance they’ll buy it. Amazon short URLs help sellers to develop their online stores on the platform of Amazon.


Short Conclusions Regarding Super URL

Sending additional traffic to your Amazon product pages from outside may be profitable and some sellers use this trick to boost their rankings.

These Amazon URLs are very useful while launching new products.

Super URLs can be generated via special services, so if you want one, Google for the service you like the most.