Amazon Warehouse Deals


Amazon Warehouse Deals is a special catalog on which offers plenty of products that come from 30 departments. This is like an entire marketplace where anything can be found. The best advantage of these deals is that the prices for all products are very low. People can purchase items they want for discounted prices. In general, sellers may be interested in participating in Amazon Warehouse Deals as that helps to win the Buy Box. The price for such items can be much lower than for average ones.

Want to know more about this program? Welcome to our Amazon Warehouse Deals review and let’s explore the details!


What is Amazon Warehouse Deals? How Does It Work?

Amazon receives a return that is classified as ‘unsellable’, still, this does not mean Amazon can’t and won’t sell them. These items come in a damaged package or with a lack of some parts. In the first case, they can just change the package and resell products on Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Warehouse Deals was created for selling products which are not matching Amazon’s high-quality standards. We mean damaged, used, refurbished items.

You may wonder why don’t all that things return to sellers’ inventory, as there is a return policy, why product go to Amazon Warehouse? Well, this is because Amazon labels them ‘unsellable’.


Here is how to use this program:

  1. Select ‘Warehouse Deals’ from the department menu.
  2. Start typing a keyword for a product or a brand.
  3. Take advantage of selecting ‘Prime delivery eligible’.
  4. Check the condition and the description of the chosen item.
  5. If the price and the condition suit you, place your order.
  6. Inspect your order once it arrives to check if the reality meets your expectations.


What Is Amazon Warehouse Open Box?

When you notice ‘open box’ near items in Amazon Warehouse Deals, its meaning depends on the product itself.

In the majority of situations on Amazon, ‘open box’ means that the product’s condition is like new. It may be refurbished, just returned or it may have a damaged package. Nothing scary.

The item is likely to be in a good condition and if it is a device, it works properly. We all know that Amazon has the highest standards regarding the products’ condition, in other cases, they wouldn’t sell them. If you decide to buy an ‘open box’ item on Amazon Warehouse Deals, you will be satisfied with the quality.


Still, there are some negative reviews even for ‘open box’ items, why is it so? We recommend you being cautious when you see such badge near an item sold by a third-party seller. Though Amazon has strict guidelines for sellers, they can’t guarantee the highest quality. So, if you purchase such an item, it will be only your choice.


What Does Warehouse Deals Mean?

In general, sellers may be interested in participating in Amazon Warehouse Deals as that helps to win the Buy Box. The price for such items can be much lower than for average ones.

Amazon sells items from Warehouse Deals for original vendors’ prices. If a product is functional, it is just re-listed and sold with a discount.

If you are not looking for original wrapping, why not to buy the same product but at 50% (or even more) off?

The customer service, return policy, and fulfillment options on Amazon Warehouse Deals are the same to ordinary ones. And selling such products is completely along Amazon’s policies, so you can not worry about the condition of products.


What Can Be Wrong with Reimbursements?

Sellers may assume reimbursements beneficial for their brands, as the profit comes to their accounts even without selling products to customers directly. You also don’t have to deal with returns and everything connected to it. Simple and profitable!

However, the consequences may be harsh, for example, you can completely lose control over customer experience. Sellers are out the picture once their products are sold on Amazon Warehouse Deals and you can’t do anything with that.


Keep in mind that customers don’t think about your brand or shop when making a purchase, they just think about whether they are happy or not with the purchase. They don’t think of the process of selling and buying products, still, when they get what doesn’t meet their expectations, the person they will blame is you (or your whole brand), as this is the name customers see on Amazon.

Usually, Amazon Warehouse Deals sells used things in very good condition, and yes, you can’t guess whether they are absolutely right. If something goes wrong, you’ll still get your profit, but you’ll also get a negative review. This can not only impact your rates but sales as well.


Amazon has customer experience on the top of interests, but their quality control system is not so perfect. Anyone makes mistakes, even retail giants like Amazon. Shoppers may be frustrated if they get something from Amazon Warehouse Deals, which doesn’t match their expectations based on pictures from your listing.


Discounted Products on Amazon Warehouse Deals

As long as discounted products are sold on Warehouse Deals, the pricing is affected. This means higher competitions for sellers, as well as reduced control over own products and customer experience which we mentioned above.

If your product will be listed as a special offer, then you will likely win the Buy Box, this is great news. Still, on Amazon Warehouse Deals, you are competing against yourself. Your item will be sold for sure thanks to a discount, and you won’t waste money on PPC, as Warehouse Deals is a closed listing.


Protecting Your Brand

If you get a return from a customer, such a product can go to Amazon Warehouse Deals. If you are not sure about this idea, you may either let the customer keep the product for free, or to return it directly to you, not to Amazon.

In case your product can be re-packed or reimbursed, let Amazon sell it on Warehouse Deals.

If you see incorrect information specified in your product description, you can suggest changes to Amazon.

We wish you to have successful experience with Amazon Warehouse Deals!