What to Do If Amazon Suspends Your Account


Sellers who received a message from Amazon about account suspension at least once know how frustrating this can be. If you are a lucky one who has never faced this situation, it’s always good to be ready for anything that can happen on Amazon. So, explore this manual carefully just in case. Being ready for such situations will help you recover your Amazon business as soon as possible and continue working as you used to do before.


We will try to make the whole process of appealing the suspension and putting your business on rails easier:


1. Find Out the Causes for Suspension

This step might be obvious. Finding the causes is always a great idea for starting doing something. Understanding the problem will give you an opportunity of finding ways out.

Amazon usually gives you a basic reason with no details. So, you need to do a bit of detective work to learn why they gave you a ban.


After you know the problem and deal with it, you can quickly send an appeal to Amazon and wait until your business will be running again. Don’t hurry up and cut corners, make sure you have solved all the issues before submitting an appeal, otherwise, you have a chance to get a constant ban on Amazon.


Basically, there are 2 reasons for account suspension:

  • Violated Seller policies.

  • Rapidly decreased Seller performance.


So, if you got your account suspended, check these 2 things first of all.


Violations of Amazon Seller Policy

There are commonly two types of violations of Amazon’s Seller Policy which can end with account suspension:

  1. Selling a restricted item. Here is the official list of items you can’t sell on Amazon.

  2. Violating other Seller Policies which include different pitfalls regarding:

  • Price parity violations.

  • Registering the 2nd account without approving this with Amazon.

  • Sending traffic from Amazon to your own site.


These are the most usual ways of violating Amazon’s Seller Policy. Here is an extensive list of things you should and shouldn’t do.


Issues with Seller Performance

Amazon keeps an eye on performance metrics to stop working with sellers who don’t provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

So, these are ideal metrics according to Amazon:

  • <1% Order defect rate

  • <4% Late shipment rate

  • <2.5% Pre-fulfillment cancel rate


If you don’t manage to reach these rates, your account will be suspended. If you have some of them decreased below the minimal threshold, find out what’s the cause for that and fix the issue.


For instance, if Amazon says that your seller account has been suspended due to a high defect rate, take a look at customer metrics and find what causes that rate. There may be A-to-Z claims from customers, negative feedback or card chargebacks. This is just an example, though the situations may be different for each seller. Anyway, you should take a closer look at what causes you problems and deal with the root of the issue.

Here are several ideas on what to start with:

  • You listings. Make sure that the information in your listings is accurate and does not mislead users. Check the quality of your product photos.

  • Communication with customers. Respond to all messages from customers in 24 hours, no matter whether it is negative or positive feedback.

  • Order shipment. Check out whether your products reach customers in 2 business days. If no, there is some issue with the shipment, which needs to be solved.

  • Managing inventory. You should know that you have enough products in stock every day. If you don’t have them, you’ll face a problem of a high cancel rate.


2. Make a ‘To Do List’

Amazon makes suspended sellers make a sort of the list of things sellers are going to take to improve their customer service. They call it ‘Plan or action’ or ‘POA’.

Once this plan is created, Amazon reviews it and makes a decision regarding your suspension. Needless to say, you must treat this part very seriously.


A good POA includes the identification of the problem, its cause and future solution to it. So, Amazon should be aware that you know how to deal with similar problems in the future without making customers unsatisfied. What’s more, Amazon wants to be sure that you are going to do everything not to face the same issue ever. That’s why you have to explain that you have understood the cause for the issue and have changed your systems and processes accordingly.


A tip: avoid vague phrases like ‘few’, ‘many’, ‘lots of’, ‘numerous’. Operate numbers and statistics, if that’s possible. Figures will prove your successful outcomes.


How to Write a POA

So, as you see, the goal of a plan of action is to show Amazon that you’re ready to work further and provide customers with the best customer experience. They have to see that the issue has been solved and you are ready to work further. So, here are some tips on how to write a POA and what elements you should have in it:

  1. Introduction. Explain who you are and what is your business on Amazon. Let them know the reason for your account suspension.

  2. Describe the problem. Clearly identify your problem which led to the suspension. Write about the research you did and how you found the culprit. Use specific data to show everything in figures.

  3. Your actions. Describe the steps you have taken to fix everything. Show Amazon that you’ve done much to make the things go better. They should see the changes and anticipate their future impact.

  4. Closing. Add a quick summary of the steps you have taken/are going to take for resolving the issue.


3. Send the Appeal to Amazon

After writing a POA, send it for Amazon’s review. Do the following to submit the plan:

  1. Go to Seller Central > ‘Performance’ > ‘Performance Notifications’.

  2. Find the notice about the suspension, click ‘Appeal’ > ‘Appeal Decision’.

  3. Enter your POA details to the form, specify your phone number in case Amazon has additional questions.

  4. ‘Submit Appeal’ and wait for Amazon’s decision.


4. Get Amazon’s Response

Amazon commonly answers appeals in 48 hours.

We wish you good luck with that!