Backend Keywords on Amazon: Opportunity to Increase Your Sales


What are Backend Keywords on Amazon?

Amazon backend keywords are keywords which show up only when the query of a user matches with the keywords in your listing. This is where you need backend keywords. They are hidden search words which can be included to the listing to improve its visibility. A user who visits the product page can’t see them, but Amazon A9 algorithm can.


Why Do We Need to Optimize Backend Keywords?

As you already know from our previous articles, Amazon keywords research is not too much different from research for other search engines like Google, Bing and so on. The only difference is that Amazon search is structured and very particular. Backend keywords are an important part of SEO ranking factors on Amazon. If you want to rank high, pay attention to your backend keywords on Amazon.


In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Amazon backend keywords: how they index these words, how to use them correctly, which regulations are there on Amazon on many more. So, welcome to our backend keywords guide!


Backend Keywords and Listing Optimization

There are many places on Amazon where sellers can tell more about their products and add necessary keywords. These words make the product more visible to customers and provide extensive information to the A9 algorithm.

Backend keywords on Amazon are essential, as they make users notice your product in the search results and keep your copy clean and readable.


Search terms section in Seller Central is a nice place for putting hidden keywords which will look not very good in the product description. You can also add misspelled words, synonyms and different variations of your main keywords.

Sellers often include various relevant words to the list, which can’t be put in the title, bullet points or description.


Backend Keywords Limits Update

This is an important rule for every Amazon seller. There is Amazon keyword character limit of 249 characters for the US, 200 bytes for India 500 bytes - Japan, 250 bytes - any other Amazon marketplace except China.

Amazon also restricts mentioning competitors’ products and ASINs in backend keywords, while they allow only words describing the product itself.


Here is what Amazon recommends to sellers:

  • Remove all repeated words.
  • Remove other brand names and competitors’ ASINs.
  • Remove duplicates in the title, bullet points, and so on.
  • Don’t include too closely related to the product keywords.


Don’t neglect backend keywords on Amazon just as they are not visible to customers. They make your product more visible to the search algorithm. And here are some more tips on using backend keywords.

  • Separate different words with spaces. Note, spaces are included into the entire word length.
  • Don’t repeat keywords, typing a word once is enough.
  • Don’t duplicate keywords from the title, bullet points and description.
  • Use abbreviations, misspellings of the product’s name.
  • Add hypernyms of the item.
  • Remember about the limitations.
  • Keep in mind that 250 bytes are not the same as 250 characters. For example, a-z and 0-9 are equalling 1 byte while ä, £ are 2 bytes, and € is even 3 bytes.


Access Search Terms in Celler Sentral

  1. Log into your Seller Central account.
  2. Go to the ‘Inventory’ tab which is in the header.
  3. See the list of active products, click ‘Edit’ on the right.
  4. The ‘Edit Product Info’ window will show up, go to the ‘Offer’ tab.
  5. Head to the ‘Keywords’ tab and look for ‘Search Terms’.



Extracting Backend Keywords

1. Amazon Data

Search terms should include generic words shoppers use while searching for a product. The best way of extracting this data is using the information from customers. You can find it in customer reviews and product Q&A’s. If you don’t have many reviews, look at your competitors’ reviews.

See how people describe similar products and which words they use. So, this means doing your research before adding backend keywords.

2. More Data from Sponsored Ads

Sponsored product ads are very helpful when searching for keywords. The tool offers sellers keywords buyers use to find similar products. It costs money, still, this method is beneficial, as you both boost the product’s visibility and discover new backend keywords.

3. Other Research Methods

We have our old nice article on the most working keyword research methods. In short, it includes:

  • Google research.
  • method.

By the way, we have described the way of using Sponsored Ads for discovering new keywords for Amazon listings. So, visit this article right now to learn more.



After Amazon has restricted using backend keywords and their limits, there is a warning in Seller Central that shows up if you exceed the number of characters



Amazon hasn’t changed the indexation, so it is left as it was before. Still, we recommend checking Amazon’s rules regularly. Keep an eye on your listings and backend keywords on Amazon, as they constantly change limits. Make sure you fit these new limits.

Nevertheless, use the power of backend keywords anyway, as this is a great opportunity for a better SEO optimizing of your listings.