Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller How-To


After you have decided to register as an Amazon seller, watched tons of videos on YouTube, spend long hours researching, you still have a question: “How to become a successful Amazon seller?”.

All in all, this is the final goal of every business person in this huge international marketplace.
We will explain how everything can be done!


1. Register as an Amazon Seller

You may have already registered your seller account, but if not, do that right now. It takes a couple of minutes, and this is the first step to future success. For registering, you will need:

  • A business email. We recommend creating it before the registration process. Amazon is going to email you as soon as you create an account.
  • Your business details. The name of your business, its address, contact information.
  • Bank data. This is necessary for paying for your subscription and receiving payments from Amazon.
  • Your phone number. Amazon is going to call you to complete the registration, so keep an eye on your cell phone.
  • Tax information. Amazon needs your Social security number or Federal Tax ID number, or State Tax ID for completing the registration.


2. Find a Product to Sell on Amazon

This may take days and even weeks, but well-done research makes you closer to success.
In this article, we have provided a detailed manual on how to find the best product ideas. We won’t repeat that here, so please visit this article and check out every step of searching for great products.
Finally, you will find your perfect niche and perfect goods to sell!


3. Find Your Manufacturer

So, after you have come up with products ideas, you have to find a supplier and someone who will ship products to an Amazon warehouse.

  • Find and contact suppliers. Prepare questions for them, you need to make sure that their products are of high quality and cost a reasonable price. Create an example of an email you want to send to each possible supplier and ask all of them the same questions.
  • Collect their quotes and choose one or two most suitable options. Always have several options, as there are situations when your main supplier runs out of stock, and you have to get products somewhere before YOU run out of stock on Amazon!
  • Don’t strive to find the cheapest option. Search for a high-quality one. If your goal is becoming a successful seller, forget about the cheapest prices. No customer will leave a positive product feedback if the price was low, but the quality was poor.


4. Attract an Audience, Market Your Product

becoming successful seller image1

To keep your positions high, you should provide a really exceptional customer experience. You can do that by:

  • Creating good product listings;
  • Conscious work with keywords;
  • Shooting perfect product photos;
  • Conducting tests that show what your customers like;
  • Using test results to boost your future sales;
  • Using PPC campaigns to attract more target audience.


5. Providing Excellent Customer Support

Amazon values this the most. Customer experience is on the top of their key principles. So, make your customer feel great with buying from you and see your ratings growing!

Follow up with the clients. Find out whether they are satisfied with their order, whether everything is okay and what can be done in a better way. What’s more, keeping in touch with customers makes them feel like sellers care about their feelings and experience. This builds additional trust to your brand. The audience becomes more loyal and ready to purchase more from you.


6. Keep Your Business Running at the Same Pace

Once you have built great relationships with your customers and see that your revenue grows and the audience is becoming larger, keep going! Amazon never stands in one place, businesses are improving, introducing new features and services. So, keep an eye on the innovations and try to keep up with the times.

This means that you can’t just sit back and watch how things are going. Hard work is necessary for all the stages of building a business on Amazon.
There are so many nuances of having an online shop here. So, for more details, check out our blog - lots of useful relevant information can be found there!