How to Be Best Seller on Amazon


When it comes to competition on Amazon, every seller strives to bring their products to the top and attract more customers. Amazon #1 Best seller badge can help the audience understand that your product is worth their attention:

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Though this is just an icon on a web page, it can bring additional profit. Let’s see how to get it.


#1 seller on Amazon

This badge is an icon shown on the details page (not search results). Each category on Amazon has nearly 100 best sellers. The competition depends on the overall competition in a category, for instance, in Pet Supplies it will be stronger, and in Knots, Macrame you will get more chances to become a number 1 seller on Amazon. We don’t need to repeat twice that becoming a best seller in Toys & Games and in the Traditional British Songs category are completely different things, as the competition there varies.

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Facts about #1 Amazon best seller ribbon

  1. According to Amazon, the calculation of best sellers updates every hour. They take into consideration historical and recent sales. Sometimes the calculation happens once in two hours if the system is lagging.
  2. Amazon doesn’t tell anything about their formula for Amazon best selling author badge, like in case with their A9 algorithm. So we can just guess which factors are involved.
  3. The badge can be gone from the product’s details page but regained later.
  4. The number 1 best seller badge on Amazon means that a product became more popular than others in a specific subcategory or category within a certain marketplace. We mean that a product popular in Italy won’t be shown as a best seller in the US.
  5. If your product is popular and you have plenty of orders, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a best seller badge. The algorithm uses more diverse factors for defying best sellers.
  6. Amazon best seller logo can be placed on any product details page, no matter whether you are a 3P seller or a 1P vendor.
  7. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Amazon best seller icon is not displayed in search results. It is shown only in the details.


How to Become Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon

And now, let’s talk about how to get the Amazon best seller status. We will start with the 3C formula:

C1. Competition

It means that you have to sell more and faster to grow your sales volume and velocity. Amazon takes these factors into account for sure. Amazon always rewards well-performing sellers as they value customer experience and aim at getting more profit.
We recommend using FBA and offering a bit lower prices, as this attracts the audience.
However, you can’t compete with Private label sellers and Amazon itself.

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As usual, the competition is hard, but everyone can make it. Even if you notice once that your badge is gone, your product can reclaim this position later.

C2. Calculation

As we noted before, Amazon keeps their formula in secret, but there are some known facts about that:

  • They use historical and recent sales for predicting the future success of a product. They are quite good at predictive analysis.
  • The emphasis is on the recent sales, so if you had a pause a year ago, this won’t be counted.
  • Amazon doesn’t look at reviews while calculating whom they should give a best seller banner, only sales work here.
  • Their algorithm can’t be outsmarted, so don’t try to cheat it, as then you risk getting a ban, not a best seller badge.

C3. Category

It is always easier to become a best seller in a smaller and less competitive category. In massive categories like Pet Supplies, it is nearly impossible to get an Amazon best seller badge.

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Is this Badge Worth Your Efforts?

Well, it may be attractive for customers, but don’t be distracted by badges and other shiny objects. This is just a little element while you should better concentrate on your product quality and customer service, as well as conducting a legitimate business. Better focus on your keywords or listing optimization that on how to get a best seller badge on Amazon. Keep an eye on your real achievements: revenue, sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty.