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Everything You Need to Know About the Early Reviewer Program From Amazon

Getting reviews on new Amazon items has become more difficult recently. But we need that reviews for sales and everyone are aware of it, even Amazon. And we need sales to get that reviews. That's why Amazon introduced a great decision for this issue: their Early Reviewer Program may become our great helper.

How to Talk with Amazon Seller Support Team

Amazon Seller Support is made for helping sellers in using the service. ​You can get help on finding a client's address, canceling a listing, learning about fees, etc. There are many helpful FAQs. But if you have a peculiar question, you should ask the support directly. They usually ask to tell about every issue individually by email or phone, in case you have several problems simultaneously. If you write about all issues in one letter, their solving may take more time, as your email will 'travel' from department to department.

All You Need to Make Your First Delivery with Amazon FBA

You probably know all the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon service, because your Amazon business also benefits a lot from this opportunity. Your products will be stored on Amazon warehouses, where the company's employees will serve your customers at the highest level. All processes with Amazon FBA are fully automated so, that the loss of products is excluded. Any product can be found very fast on the Amazon warehouse, because it has its special code.

The Guide on the Amazon FBA Sales Rank

It refers to the information on the product popularity on Amazon. If you know the item's sales rank, you will be able to find out if you should buy that item for the further reselling on Amazon or not. It will also help you to find products with a high demand, as well as ones that should be avoided. The main thing to understand the sales rank is the fact that the higher the number is, the less popular the item is. for instance, a best seller will have #1 sales rank.

Five Stunning Hacks for Sellers to Succeed on Amazon

Amazon has its own unique algorithms to rank the products. Moreover, if you’re an experienced Amazon seller, you are probably looking for other hidden ways to improve your product ranking. Don’t you still believe it is possible to hack the system? I will destroy this myth and will show great strategies, tricks and hacks that you can use to rank your product on Amazon faster!

How to Improve Product Awareness on Amazon

If you have read my blog carefully or worked this knowledge out by yourself, you have to be aware that getting an idea for a new product and developing it may require a plenty of detailed steps. After you've finished all that work and are ready for the product launching, the last thing is creating awareness about your product as much as possible. I have collected 6 best ways of doing this!

All You Need to Know about Amazon Resale Certificates

Almost every online seller on Amazon needs a resale certificate until he manufactures his items by himself completely. Such certificate is also called a seller's permit and gives you a chance to buy products without paying any taxes. Seems a great deal, right? It is! Still, there are much more little details about them than just getting a plenty of tax-free items and getting away with them. Let's look at those details and learn everything people need to know about resale certificates

Amazon Listing Optimization - What Does It Mean?

Every seller who wants to succeed on Amazon to make more sales is interested in having persuasive and informative product listings. You could create it as for private label product, as well as for various arbitrage items, and even for unique package of products. Well-designed Amazon product listings boost the product rating and increase your Amazon performance efficiently. Most likely, you have already met very poor examples of product listings. You could be embarrassed by an unclear or peculiar title which is hard to understand what product is for sale. This is the problem of selecting the most accurate and specific keywords. In another case, maybe you have realized that this is exactly that product you were looking for to buy, but suddenly you felt confused by rather fuzzy and unstructured description. Sometimes you like and understand both the product title and the description, but the images are more than disgusting. Then, you regret about the time spent there, go away from this Amazon seller and continue searching for the better one. These are some examples of how is better not to do at all.

How to Increase Your Chances to Win the Buy Box on Amazon

The Buy Box is a dream of every Amazon seller who wants to succeed on the largest marketplace in the world and make more sales. You’ll be surprised with the fact that more than 90% of Amazon sales are made through the Buy Box. This magic option looks like an "Add to Cart" orange button in the right corner of the page. Every buyer wants to be there, because it works the next way: Amazon automatically chooses you as a seller when a potential buyer presses this button. That’s how you deal successfully with one more buyer. To achieve this goal you should be considered as one of the best sellers on the product listing according to some specific Amazon features.