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Are You Selling on Amazon? Join eBay Right Now!

Amazon is considered to be a company that gives the largest profit all over the world, and selling items there is a great deal. But I’m wondering why most people don’t want to take eBay to the notice and look at it as at a large and profitable online market. Some time ago it was a small company, created in the 1990s as one that was buying different items from garage sales and re-selling them for the higher prices. Be sure, it’s still an appropriate place for both buyers and sellers, and of course a lot of manufacturers are selling their handicrafts there.

Headline Search Ads for Amazon is Now Available in Seller Central

First of all, let’s clarify the meaning of Headline Search Ads and its functions. I don’t want to explain it in a difficult way, so, in simple terms, it is such a type of advertisement which gives different brands possibilities to promote 3 their products on Amazon. Also, this advert can redirect customers to the brand profile. Of course, it helps sellers to advertise their brand much more effectively.

Getting Amazon Reviews: How It's Done in 2017-2018

Everyone who sells on Amazon knows how important reviews are. And we are also aware that Amazon doesn't allow customers writing reviews for some discount, they canceled incentivized reviews in October 2016. I can't say that this change was bad, as it gives new opportunities of more fair game for sellers. However, getting the first reviews (that are critically needed for beginner Amazon sellers) is really difficult now. In this article, I want to tell you how to cope with this issue and get first reviews.

Enhanced Professional Marketing Tools for Amazon

Not so long ago, I received an unsolicited email message from Amazon and even became to panic a bit, I thought that I had trouble with TOS or something like this, but fortunately, this email was an invitation to their Beta of a new marketing program for Amazon sellers. Long story short, they'll open new video marketing opportunities and the Vine program to Amazon FBA sellers.

How Much Money is Needed for Starting an Amazon Business?

Today I'll tell you about how to calculate all the costs needed for launching your business on Amazon.

5 Best Ways of Driving Traffic to the Listing and Improving Ranking

Have you ever thought about advertising your brand off Amazon? Why not? Off-Amazon marketing can increase your conversion rate. I'm gonna explain you the causes for this in my article. As you have already understood, the purpose of off-Amazon marketing is driving traffic to your listing. You can do it in 5 several ways! Each of them is based on an external link that leads to an Amazon product page. Though, this doesn't improve your Amazon search ranking that can be increased only by higher sales and conversion rates.

A useful email guide for the 2017 year

Every time you open your email box, you hope to see something interesting there. Some funny stuff, messages from colleagues, some spam, for sure. But how to manage your emails efficiently and make the work with them effective

Creative Methods of Generating Product Ideas for Amazon Sellers

I can bet you've faced such situations when you are ready to introduce a new product to the market, but you are not fully sure what should it be. Today, I want to share some methods how it can be done. Just follow the White rabbit and soon you'll create a long list of such ideas. Let's go!

Preventing of Using a Trademark Name for your Amazon Brand

Building your brand is in the first place now as people meet your products with your brand reputation. The whole process usually starts with picking up a right name. I mean nice and not used by someone else trademark name.