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Nice Email Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Surely, most of the sellers include something interesting and useful to their emails. It depends on the type of products they work with. Things that work well for one category may not be suitable for another one. If you sell some dangerous items that can even cause accidents, include some safety info in an email. People will appreciate the fact that your tips helped to avoid unpleasant situations and injuries. Mostly, customers don't know that such things can be found on Amazon or just don't want to take some time to read them. So, gathering all the frequently asked questions in one email and adding them to the set of your follow-up emails is an awesome idea! This can prevent you from getting tons of emails with different questions about how to use your product or something like this, and your clients will be delighted with your additional attention to their needs. One more plus to your karma!

The Best Practices of Amazon Product Inserts

Have you ever heard about the importance of packaging and inserts? Many Amazon entrepreneurs don't think of packaging and inserts as of something useful, but they should do it, and here I'll tell you about the reasons why is it so. Some points, especially product reviews, need a special attention since Amazon changed their ToS in 2016. First and foremost, keep in mind that people will see your packaging and inserts obligatory. If you make them outstanding, it will tell them about you as an outstanding seller. It's a customer experience that everybody like.

The Best Ideas for Amazon Product Bundling

I'm glad to see you on my blog again. Today, I'll tell you why product bundling is a brilliant idea for boosting your sales and the overall profits! Bundling is an option that gives you a chance for creating a unique product for the Amazon catalog. If your bundle is unique, it means that you will be the only seller with the Buy Box that always goes for individual product bundles. You will get the awaited Buy Box in case you follow all the Amazon policies regarding bundles. Here it is... Note, that this is just a General policy. Check the Detailed policy to find out if you create a bundle along their rules.

Selling on Amazon All the Year Round!

Surely, you remember about the Q4 peak season that is coming soon, but what if you wanted to get the same great income all year round? Any Amazon seller would say that profits are his goal. But those sellers would be surprised if hearing that selling profitably during the whole year is possible. So, the main goal of anyone who works with eCommerce is making money online constantly, not depending on seasons and holidays, though those days may bring additional profit. You may take the advantage from selling during the other three quarters of a year. Moreover, using a smart set of eCommerce tools can make the whole process automatic. So, you could sit back and watch how your business works by its own. Why does the majority of sellers prefers to concentrate on Q4? Unbelievable, but I'm wondering about it too. That's why I got an idea of writing this article. My goal is enlightening other Amazon sellers and showing them opportunities of selling in all periods.

Tips and Tricks for Black Friday 2017

If you have a business online, then it's no need to explain the difference between an offline Black Friday and the Amazon Black Friday. It is so, because Amazon has its own rules regarding this shoppers' holiday. It is a unique event for the online world, and this day makes the largest revenue for the most sellers. Aggressive promotions and sales are worth your time, believe me! A huge upswing may be during Black Friday, so all the sellers have to be ready for boosting the sales. As you probably have already heard, the record on the single-day sales was recorded during the Amazon Prime Day in July, and Black Friday 2017 is a perfect opportunity to beat it! That's why I've decided to share these Black Friday tips & tricks with you! Be ready for the shopping frenzy and do your best to sell more and earn more!

Receive Thousands of Dollars Back as a Compensation from Amazon!

I bet you don’t guess that Amazon owes its sellers a great deal of money worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? Amazon manages the greater part of our stock just as the Amazon sellers do. Though there are some situations when only Amazon could take the inventory status under its control and see the things going on more properly. In case of mistakes or carelessness from Amazon, there are specific policies that could provide help and return money back to the seller. However, the issue is that policy system itself doesn’t return money to the sellers back. It means that many of us don't generally succeed as they could and don’t get their own financial resources as it’s supposed by the rules. Thus, we need to check our personal accounts from time to time to see whether our inventory has been lost, harmed, or maybe crushed. All the money lost by Amazon’s fault should be regained to Amazon accounts.

How Much Items Do You Need to Create Your Amazon Business?

Find out the most important things that you should consider while buying items to sell on Amazon efficiently. The amount of necessary inventory is not always easy to determine, but it's a critical choice to make, because it’s about calculating your business risks.

Advertising a Private Label Product With Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC is a nice chance to increase online sales. It can work much better than other ways of growing your organic rankings as well. So, growing sales and rankings at one time - sounds great, doesn't it?

4 Things for Preparing for the Q4 Rush

You may not believe the fact that November and December sales generate 50% of the annual income. It's true! Or... how to be ready for the Q4 rush!