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How to Use Negative Reviews on Amazon in Your Favor

Negative reviews are not negative at all. They can be useful for sellers from several perspectives. For example, you can learn more about your business to improve it in the future or can convert an unhappy customer into satisfied and loyal.

Value-Based Pricing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Every seller on Amazon wants to achieve the perfect balance between the maximum and the minimum. Prices should not be too high to attract customers and must not be to low for keeping sellers profitable.

What is Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central

Have you ever sold at least one thing on Amazon? If yes, you already know what Seller Central is. This is the place where the transaction happens - this is the heart of Amazon business connected with individual businesses and third-parties. You are also offered various payment options that usually depend on the sales volume.

What is Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank)? BSR meaning & how to get

Firstly, it can be found on the page with product's details. You already know that items are usually listed in several categories. You can find a top level one or sub categories as well. One product can be found in many sub categories and sometimes even in the top categories. Algorithms pay attention to the top level categories commonly as there is no algorithm that can process 64.000+ sub categories. Maybe it will be created in future.

Why Can Amazon Buy Seller Account?

Sellers are afraid of getting a ban from Amazon. Still, if you know the rules and follow them, you’ll hardly get a ban. Here is the list of 11 things Amazon can’t stand and you better know them all not to get a ban ‘by accident’, unintentionally.

What to Do If Amazon Suspends Your Account

Sellers who received a message from Amazon about account suspension at least once know how frustrating this can be. Explore this manual carefully just in case. Being ready for such situations will help you recover your Amazon business as soon as possible and continue working as you used to do before.

How to Check Sales on Amazon with Alexa’s help

You can solve your business problems using Alexa voice assistance. Thanks to its new skill, you can learn about the updates in Seller Central or changes in your account, so you are always informed.

Why Should You Email Customers on Amazon? | Email Course. Part 1

Everyone knows that email marketing works well — it helps sellers drive traffic to their product pages, boost brand awareness and increase overall sales. However, direct marketing activities are prohibited on Amazon.

FBA Small & Light Program: Save Money on Amazon!

Amazon FBA fees may be unpleasant for sellers, this makes unreasonable selling cheap products. Still, this can be avoided with Amazon’s Small and Light program for FBA sellers. Fees are lower for light and small products which are priced under $10. So, are you ready to learn more about new opportunities for you as an FBA seller?