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How to Use PayPal on Amazon

Amazon has already become a synonym of shopping online - they offer tons of products, fast delivery, full support, and the best customer service. Amazon also offers a list of various payment methods - bank accounts, credit cards, and even reward points or Amazon gift cards! But what about PayPal?

Shoppers Can Unsubscribe from Amazon Emails. What Does It Mean for Sellers?

Amazon constantly updates their Messaging system for buyers and sellers to make the customer experience the best for shoppers. Unsolicited emails are considered to lower user experience.

Why is it Cheaper to Manufacture in China

Amazon sellers are used to the idea that the cost of manufacturing in China is much lower than in the US. This belief is especially popular among Private Label sellers, but is it really so? Let’s learn more about American and Chinese manufacturing and see whether Chinese manufacturing companies are the best option for cooperation.

All Questions about Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student offers discounts for students so they don’t need to pay the full Prime fee. Students can get a 6-month trial which contains all the benefits of regular Prime membership. This allows students to get school supplies in time and be ready to learn productively any time. And saved cash can be spent on other students’ needs.

How to Create Promo Codes on Amazon

Usual codes work well too until someone posts the code somewhere on the Internet. And does anybody want to sell all the products for discounted prices? No! So let’s dive deeper into the details and find out how to create and work with single-use coupon codes.

Why Some Activities are Prohibited by Amazon TOS?

This article will tell you more why Amazon prohibits activities and how it can protect Amazon users (both shoppers and sellers). Breaking their rules leads to ban and payments holding. Why is it so? What does it mean for Amazon sellers?

Amazon Renewed Program. How to Sell Refurbished Products?

On the Amazon platform, both new and refurbished products can be found. Renewed items are in the fully working condition, however, their cost may be less. ‘Refurbished products’ stands by returned by customers items or ones with outdated software. Many of these products have been never used and returned due to minor issues.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a new format of presenting your products using videos, comparison tables, HTM: based content, and any other things except regular descriptions and images. This helps sellers to tell vivid stories about products and glue shoppers’ attention.

How to Get the Buy Box on Amazon

Amazon’s Buy Box is a section visible on the right on the product detail page. This is the place where shoppers can add an item to their cart and make an order. Getting the Buy Box increases products’ visibility, as they start appearing on other products’ pages. Still, only the best products (in Amazon’s opinion) get the Buy Box.