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How to Handle Amazon Returns Correctly and Reduce Losses for Seller

Returned products are the least expected part for Amazon sellers and any eCommerce specialist. This means even more than just money loss and failed sale. This tells businesspersons that something is wrong down the line and other customers can experience the same issue in the future.

How to Create Best Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ content is a form of enhanced brand content for first-party sellers and vendors. This content includes detailed descriptions, comparison cards, large images, videos, and other attractive and useful content.

What is Amazon Merch and How to Start

Merch by Amazon is a T-shirt printing service working on demand. Amazon sellers have the opportunity to design their T-shirts for free. The system allows you to upload your unique design, experiment with colors and set the price for your new sold T-shirts. Amazon takes care of all other work (printing and fulfilling orders).

Amazon Retail Arbitrage

This article is the right place where you can learn everything you need about retail arbitrage to start making money with it. This scheme still works in 2019, you can choose from two options: searching for products offline and online and both of them work well.

Minimum Advertised Price

A MAP is a minimal amount of money resellers are not going to advertise below. For example, if a company sets a MAP price of $30 for their best selling product, resellers have to advertise this product at $30 or more. If a reseller advertises the product ar $20, this will be a violation of the MAP agreement which is part of the whole brand protection on Amazon.

Amazon Supply Chain Strategy

Amazon supply chain strategy is a good-working system built by Jeff Bezos and Amazon staff. Any retailer can learn from it. Amazon has optimized every stage of their supply chain, they even have launched their delivery network, added drones and other hi-tech features to the whole pattern. Amazon's supply chain contains the whole logistics cycle.

What Is Amazon Media Group (AMG)

Amazon Media Group is now part of ‘Amazon Advertising’ (from September 2018). This is a premium service for vendors that gives them an opportunity to access variety of features helping to showcase products. Valuable reviews, external SEO optimization, and other features are essential for vendors and they can access them via Amazon Media Group.

Backend Keywords on Amazon: Opportunity to Increase Your Sales

Amazon backend keywords are keywords which show up only when the query of a user matches with the keywords in your listing. This is where you need backend keywords. They are hidden search words which can be included to the listing to improve its visibility.

Why Do Amazon Reviews Disappear

If you are attentive to your reviews, you might have noticed that some of them have disappeared. This article will shed light on why reviews disappear. There are 3 reasons for that. So, if you notice that your Amazon reviews disappeared, you’ll know what to do.