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How to Write a Perfect Email | Email Course. Part 3

This article is going to tell you what to mention in the email body and how to write your copy to make the audience glued to it. Other way, boring or irrelevant contents may force customers to delete your email message immediately.

Amazon Shopping Events: Detailed How-To

Amazon has its special shopping events throughout the year. Shopping events are aimed to drive sales and promos. These are events when Amazon promotes everything with marketing activities such as email campaigns.

How to Become More Successful on Amazon in 2019

The Q1 has almost passed, and many sellers strive to do things better, as a new year means better metrics, better sales. No one wants to go down and that’s why we have created this quick ‘To-do list’ with actionable tips.

3 Types of Messages You Should Send on Amazon

Building a distinctive reputation of responsible seller is crucial on Amazon. This is possible with customer feedback and product reviews. So, we’ll tell you which messages should be send on Amazon to inspire your customers to write feedback for you as a seller and your products.

How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon: Tips for 2019

Years pass and reviews are still important for Amazon sellers. Getting more feedback has become one of the main goals of many entrepreneurs. In this article, we are going to share a list of actionable tips on how to get more product reviews in 2019.

How to Speak to Your Customers Correctly on Amazon

If you speak to your customer correctly using polite language, Amazon won’t take this as the violation of their policy. Nevertheless, there are things which are restricted. Let’s connect the dots on what language is allowed to speak with your customers.

How to Grow Your Reputation on Amazon

Sellers are aware that not only the first impression about their brand is important but the whole reputation is crucial too. Amazon takes into account ratings, feedback and other things to know that you’re providing outstanding customer experience.

How to Boost Prime Day Sales

Amazon Prime Day has become one of major shopping events. Sellers and vendors can take part in this great Prime Day. Everyone anticipating this day in 2019, so let’s get ready for it in advance and learn what and how should be done.

Product Photography Tips for Online Sellers 2019

Today I want to tell you how to make your product images on Amazon more attractive to a buyer, so the maximum number of buyers would click on your product, rather than competitors one.