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A9 — Amazon Search Engine

People come to Amazon with the purchasing intent. Just look at those who search for something in Google and at people who search for a product on Amazon — the difference is obvious. While 9 of 10 searchers in Google won’t buy anything, almost every shopper is ready to make a purchase on Amazon.

Value-Based Pricing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Every seller on Amazon wants to achieve the perfect balance between the maximum and the minimum. Prices should not be too high to attract customers and must not be to low for keeping sellers profitable.

Why Should You Email Customers on Amazon? | Email Course. Part 1

Everyone knows that email marketing works well — it helps sellers drive traffic to their product pages, boost brand awareness and increase overall sales. However, direct marketing activities are prohibited on Amazon.

How to Create Catchy Email Headlines | Email Course. Part 2

Improving the quality of communication with customers is the main goal of every Amazon seller who strives to build strong business relationships with the audience. The only way to establish the communication process on Amazon is email, as other ways of contacting customers are prohibited.

How to Write a Perfect Email | Email Course. Part 3

This article is going to tell you what to mention in the email body and how to write your copy to make the audience glued to it. Other way, boring or irrelevant contents may force customers to delete your email message immediately.

Other Email Contents: Graphics, CTAs, etc | Email Course. Part 4

You know how to write a perfect text for your email, but what about images, videos, buttons, and other features that can be inserted with the help of HTML & plain text editor?

Email Attachments | Email Course. Part 5

We now will learn what kind of email attachments work better based on the best practices on Amazon. In our previous part, we were discussing images, videos and other contents of emails, so let’s go further and to talk about ebooks and other text attachments.

How Not to Break Amazon Email Policy | Email Course. Part 6

Amazon has a strict email policy, all sellers should match it in order not to be banned. There is a list of specific restricted actions and activities. In this article, we will cover this topic and show you how to be fully compliant with Amazon’s rules.

How Autoresponder Works | Email Course. Part 7

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