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Backend Keywords on Amazon: Opportunity to Increase Your Sales

Amazon backend keywords are keywords which show up only when the query of a user matches with the keywords in your listing. This is where you need backend keywords. They are hidden search words which can be included to the listing to improve its visibility.

Why Do Amazon Reviews Disappear

If you are attentive to your reviews, you might have noticed that some of them have disappeared. This article will shed light on why reviews disappear. There are 3 reasons for that. So, if you notice that your Amazon reviews disappeared, you’ll know what to do.

How to Deal with Negative Feedback on Amazon

Negative feedback is a form of expressing customers’ frustration with a business. There may be problems which need to be solved or just reviews you can use for further improvements. What’s more, if you treat your unhappy customers correctly and fix the mistakes, they can finally become your loyal customers.

Classification of Amazon Seller Feedback

We are here to tell you what types of feedback are there and to show you Amazon seller feedback examples. You might know that Amazon updated guidelines say that a shopper who hasn’t bought something worth $5 or more can’t leave feedback on Amazon. eCommerce giant fights against fake reviews. Non-genuine feedback is no good for both sellers and shoppers, as they don’t lead to the best customer experience.

Amazon Super URL

eCommerce players know that sending external traffic to Amazon products is essential, as this is one more way to drive sales. And Amazon Super URL is a great method to grab users’ attention.

What is Good ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) for My Amazon Campaign?

You might have already come across ACoS on Amazon. What is that? We are here to tell you more about ACoS which stands for ‘Advertising Cost of Sale’ and means one of the key sellers’ metrics that is used for measuring the performance of Sponsored Products campaigns on Amazon.

Amazon Pet Profile. All You Need to Know

Those who have pets know how much comfort and love they bring to our everyday lives. Animals deserve the best care. Amazon understands that and not so long ago, they introduced a new feature for pet owners - Amazon pet profile - that helps find the best deals.

Amazon Product Video Requirements

We have great news for FBA sellers who want to add videos to their listings. Adding videos is a great advantage. From our experience, listing with videos convert more sales than ones with only pictures.

Amazon Last Mile Program. Delivery Service Partners

The program called Amazon Delivery Service Partners has been tested for nearly half a year before its release. Amazon cooperated with a small batch of chosen partners and after achieving success, they decided to make this program official.