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Top 5 Amazon FBA Podcasts

In our busy world, when we have a few time for our own needs, podcasts are very helpful. People can consume information while doing something else, combining two things together and saving plenty of time! This is a brilliant option to learn something new when you are on the move. What’s else great about podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere and anytime, from your mobile devices when being out, in the car or at home.

Amazon 3rd Party Return Policy

You might have already heard about the changes in Amazon return policy, so let’s see what is important about that. What does Amazon say about their return policy? According to the official website, any item shipped from Amazon warehouses can be returned in 30 days. There are exceptions for products from different categories, which can be found here. This applies both to Amazon products and third-party items (FBA).

Amazon Seller Rating. Guide for Growth

Marketers state that people perceive online reviews as personal recommendations. They believe what other people say, so having positive feedback and good ratings is crucial for an Amazon seller.

Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller How-To

After you have registered as an Amazon seller, watched tons of videos on YouTube, spend long hours researching, you still have a question: “How to become a successful Amazon seller?”.

What is Manufacturer Part Number for Amazon Sellers

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number. It is a unique number that is issued by manufacturers to identify individual products. Normally, the MPN of a product is a series of numbers and letters.

How To Deal with Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a service that helps third-party sellers improve their ability to provide great customers experience to shoppers and ship & deliver products to them. However, sometimes it happens so that Amazon Logistics doesn’t meet the delivery times, what hurts seller’s reputation, as unsatisfied customers receive negative reviews. So, should sellers use this infrastructure or not? Let’s cover this topic and find out what Amazon logistics is and whether it is worth working with.

How to Meet the Requirements for Frustration Free Packaging

Amazon tries to improve their service for both customers and sellers, so their next pleasant feature for business owners is certified frustration free packaging. This is aimed at reducing the amount or used packaging materials as this kind of package is recyclable. In this article, we are going to tell you about what frustration free packaging from Amazon is.

Amazon FBA Reimbursement Opportunities

There are a lot of things that affect sellers’ margins on Amazon. Cost of products, packaging, shipping, assistants or software are included in the list of what is crucial for every online business. There is one more point that is often underestimated by beginners, that is Amazon’s error.

How Not to Break Amazon Email Policy and Get Profit

Amazon has a strict email policy, all sellers should match it in order not to be banned. There is a list of specific restricted actions and activities. In this article, we will cover this topic and show you how to be fully compliant with Amazon’s rules.