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Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Every shopper is afraid of situations when one orders an outfit from an online store, and after a few days realizes that the closing does not fit. To avoid such unpleasant situations, Amazon has launched their special program called ‘Prime Wardrobe’ for personalized shopping.

Amazon's Mission Statement and Core Values

Amazon mission statement centers around what they value the most - their customer. You might have heard for hundreds of times that customer experience is on the top of Amazon company goals.

Advance Shipping Notice (ASN). All you need to know

Vendors send ASN documents to the retailers to inform them about the fact that the order is heading from the manufacturer to the delivery point. No matter whether the order is sent to a distribution center, store, warehouse or a customer, it is important, as vendors have to keep an eye on the supply chain and find out whether a consumer is satisfied.

Amazon Wholesale - How to Build a ‘Million’ Business

Not many sellers share information about wholesale on Amazon on the Internet. However, many of them wonder whether wholesale selling is profitable. In this article, we are going to tell you how this works, how it differs from Private Label, and whether a wholesale business can be lucrative for sellers.

A9 — Amazon Search Engine

People come to Amazon with the purchasing intent. Just look at those who search for something in Google and at people who search for a product on Amazon — the difference is obvious. While 9 of 10 searchers in Google won’t buy anything, almost every shopper is ready to make a purchase on Amazon.

How to Create Catchy Email Headlines | Email Course. Part 2

Improving the quality of communication with customers is the main goal of every Amazon seller who strives to build strong business relationships with the audience. The only way to establish the communication process on Amazon is email, as other ways of contacting customers are prohibited.

Other Email Contents: Graphics, CTAs, etc | Email Course. Part 4

You know how to write a perfect text for your email, but what about images, videos, buttons, and other features that can be inserted with the help of HTML & plain text editor?

Email Attachments | Email Course. Part 5

We now will learn what kind of email attachments work better based on the best practices on Amazon. In our previous part, we were discussing images, videos and other contents of emails, so let’s go further and to talk about ebooks and other text attachments.

How Not to Break Amazon Email Policy | Email Course. Part 6

Amazon has a strict email policy, all sellers should match it in order not to be banned. There is a list of specific restricted actions and activities. In this article, we will cover this topic and show you how to be fully compliant with Amazon’s rules.