What is Amazon Brand Registry? Costs, Benefits


Trademark registering is not free and its cost differs depending on every specific situation. An application fee alone costs from $225 to $400, and you will need to pay additional fees. Using third-party services (like Trademark Engine) means even higher prices but fewer headaches. However, it is necessary for Amazon brand registry.


What is Amazon Brand Registry

The goal of this procedure is helping sellers and brand owners protect their trademark and grow their honest business. This creates trusted and unique customer experience and helps sellers boost their Amazon business.
Moreover, Amazon continues improving their Brand Registry and in 2017, they launched an improved service.


Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

This gives you the access to tools of representing your brand, reporting violations against your brand and sharing information regarding preventing such violations.
With registering your brand, you get the following advantages:

  1. Great brand representation. You can use the name of your brand on product pages, so shoppers can find more accurate information about your brand.
  2. Report and search tools of Amazon brand registry:

    - Global search: people can look for something within the same screen (and the same shop) without leaving away.
    - You may use image search to find out if there are some products using your brand images on Amazon.
    - Bulk search for ASINs. Explore or report inappropriate content by searching for a list of ASINs.

After completing the search Amazon provides sellers with guidelines for submitting a report if something wrong was found.

  1. Brand protection of any kinds. One of the Amazon brand registry benefits is that they automatically find and remove bad listings that can violate your brand. The more a seller tells Amazon about his business when registering a brand, the more strong preventive measures from the Amazon’s side will be. They protect sellers in the following ways:

    - Someone uses similar brand names or even a trademark name.
    - Images containing the logo of your brand will be deleted.
    - Hijacked products or listings with your brand name will be removed as well.

  2. Full support. Amazon supports registered sellers 24/7 and helps with any questions.


How to Participate in Amazon Brand Registry

You can get started in just 3 steps:

  1. Review Amazon’s eligibility requirements. You should have a trademarked logo, image, and text.
  2. Sign into the program of Amazon brand registry. After you make sure that you are eligible to register a brand, sign into Seller Central or Vendor Central.
  3. And enroll your own brand! Submit all the necessary information and wait till Amazon gives you the access.

brand registry procedure image1

  • Provide the name of your already registered trademark.
  • Provide the trademark number.
  • List product categories for your product.
  • List countries of manufacturing and distribution of your products.

After that, you need to wait until the Amazon brand registry team sends you a code. Send it back to them to verify and complete the process.