How to Get the Buy Box on Amazon


What Is a Buy Box on Amazon?

Amazon’s Buy Box is a section visible on the right on the product detail page. This is the place where shoppers can add an item to their cart and make an order. Getting the Buy Box increases products’ visibility, as they start appearing on other products’ pages. Still, only the best products (in Amazon’s opinion) get the Buy Box.


Here is an example of how the Buy Box looks like:


Amazon sellers believe that more than 90% of purchases happen with the use of the Buy Box. So, this is why most of the sellers strive to win the Buy Box. It is logical that those who are featured in the top get more sales.

So, we are going to tell you more about how to get the Buy Box on Amazon.


Why Amazon Buy Box Is So Important?

Sellers get more sales. The ‘Add to Cart’ button means that a customer buys from the Buy Box winner, not from any other seller. The ‘Buy Now’ button means the same - the purchase is made from the Buy Box owner.


Additionally, customers usually associate Buy Box owners with Amazon’s policies and feel protected. They believe that Buy Box owners will provide exceptional customer experience to them.


If you run Amazon sponsored ads, there is one more reason to have the Buy Box. You Sponsored ads will be running until you lose the Buy Box. Traffic will decrease, as well as your sales.


Who Are Eligible to Own Amazon Buy Box?

It’s time to share the Amazon Buy Box formula and to find out which sellers will be able to win it.

  1. You have to be a Professional Seller to be eligible to own the Buy Box.
  2. You should keep an eye on the following factors and improve them:
  • Customer service quality
  • Performance metrics
  • Order defect rate
  • Length of your work on Amazon


There is an interesting fact that those who use FBA, win Buy Box much faster, as Amazon has more details about their orders.

Amazon also pays attention to the price, seller rating, fulfillment type, and other things. In fact, we don’t know the exact Amazon Buy Box algorithm, however, everything listed above is crucial for Amazon. Still, since Amazon is changing their algorithms all the time, Buy Box winners can change.


How to Win Buy Box on Amazon

Every seller on Amazon wonders how to get the Buy Box on Amazon. First, it is recommended to ensure that your products CAN win the Buy Box. Go to your seller account and visit the ‘Manage Inventory’ section. Select ‘Preferences’ in the right corner and then click on ‘Buy Box eligible’. Next, you’ll see which of your products are visible for Amazon Buy Box algorithm.

You can see a more detailed picture with current percentages in ‘Reports’. Select ‘By ASIN’, then click on ‘Detail page sales’.


Still, you can pay attention to the following things which increase the possibility of winning the Buy Box:

  • Know all the factors which can influence your winning the Buy Box. We wrote about them in this article.
  • Select FBA to win the Buy Box faster.
  • If you use FBM, take care of fast shipping. You need to be as high as Amazon standards.
  • Make sure your price is the best.
  • Keep an eye on your account health.
  • Always have products in stock.
  • Grow your customer feedback score.


We want to reveal how your seller rating is calculated by Amazon. They take into consideration several metrics:

  1. Order defect rate ( <1%) which includes negative feedback, failed A-to-z claims, service chargebacks.
  2. Return and dissatisfaction ( <10%) - return feedback, late responses, invalid rejections.
  3. Buyer-seller contact ( <25%) - fast response (over 90%), average response time.
  4. Customer metrics - late shipments ( <4%), cancel rate ( <2.5%) and refund rate.
  5. Valid tracking - by category ( >90%), and on-time delivery ( >97%).


We have a useful article which teaches how to deal with negative feedback on Amazon. Please look through it, as feedback is crucial for winning the Amazon Buy Box.


How to Fix Low % for Buy Box on Amazon?

If you have downloaded a report and now see that your products have too low percentages to win the Buy Box, you can do several things to improve the chances for that.

This is not a guarantee that the Buy Box will be yours, still, this is a great opportunity to get closer to the final goal.

  1. Check your products’ prices. Research the market and look at what prices win the Buy Box.
  2. Fight with unauthorized resellers. If you have your own brand and the Buy Box is still not yours, find those sellers who have it and see if they violate Amazon’s rules by selling your branded products.
  3. Use FBA instead of FBM. Sure, Amazon takes commissions for everything, but you get more free time then and your chances for winning the Buy Box significantly grow.


In some cases, none seller gets the Buy Box. In this case, shoppers see the button ‘See all buying options’.


Final Thoughts

Once you follow these instructions, keep your account healthy and provide the best customer experience, you have all the chances to win Amazon Buy Box.

However, remember that winning it is an ongoing process, everything is changing, so you need to work on improving your services all the time to stay on the top.