Email Attachments | Email Course. Part 5


We now will learn what kind of email attachments work better based on the best practices on Amazon.

In our previous part, we were discussing images, videos and other contents of emails, so let’s go further and to talk about ebooks and other text attachments.


What Can and Can’t be Attached to Email

Here is what you are ALLOWED to use:

  1. Images (yes, if you want to attach an image rather than insert it into the email body, you can do that).
  2. PDFs (a great compromise between images and text files).
  3. DOC files.
  4. TXT files.


Amazon doesn’t allow to:

  • attach videos,
  • send large files.


If you are a Seller Nexus user, all attachments should be of 7 Mb or less, though, in the Buyer-Seller messaging you can see the limit of 10 Mb. This happens due to the limitations for third-party services.

As you see, you can send a couple of high-quality images or an ebook of 300-400 pages (without images). Sounds great, right? When your creativity is turned on, you can take advantage of attachments to increase the customer loyalty that usually affects future conversions.

! Keep in mind, that Amazon reviews EVERY attachment sent to customers within their marketplace, so they delete any inappropriate content.


Use Your Creativity

Sellers ordinary share eBooks, manuals, how-to’s, recipes, and other informational items. Some sellers attach origami instructions, puzzles, photos of unusual ways of using their products. If you offer not only value but emotions and fun to your clients, they will appreciate this and come for more. Emotions are key in great customer experience.

For you to have something to start with, we have created a list of the most common and valuable attachment types:

  • eBooks (in PDF or DOC formats).
  • Recipes.
  • Manuals or detailed instructions.
  • Infographics.
  • Additional lifestyle photos of your product.
  • Humorous elements: GIFs or memes.
  • Warranties or documents for further saving.


This list is not the final point, as you are limited only by your imagination. Appeal to human emotions (why not to create funny comics about how to use your product or a puzzle that is related to your niche) and wait for these people to come back for more.

Expand customer experience by adding more value to it!


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